The staff at the Survey Research Lab is trained to assist in deciding on the most productive and cost-effective method of collecting data. We can design, develop, and refine the survey instrument to ensure that the customer receives the most valuable information available. We will analyze and interpret data to meet your specific needs.

  • Research Design: Establishment of research objectives and methodological design.
  • Data Collection: We conduct telephone, mail, web-based, and on-site intercept interviews.
  • Questionnaire Development and Administration: Design of question content, wording, ordering, and formatting for optimal response.
  • Sampling: Use of sampling methodology to ensure that results are representative of the population surveyed.
  • Data Entry, Analyses, and Publication-quality Reports: We provide clients with data files as well as publication-quality reports containing statistical analyses and graphical representations. Our professionals are available to discuss or formally present research results.


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