Needs Assessment

Our professional staff conduct community and organziational needs assessments. Community needs assesment gather information about a community’s opinions, needs, challenges, and assets and is used to determine how a particular program should be designed to meet the needs of the target audience. Our needs assessments can include:

  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Public Issues Forums
  • Secondary Data Analysis
  • Community Survey Questionnaire Interviews
  • Asset Mapping




New Orleans Community Dialogue Focus Groups, Year 1

New Orleans Community Dialogue Survey, Year 2

Outreach Survey - Auburn Across Alabama

Survey of Seat Belt Usage among Tractor Trailer Drivers

AU Diversity Climate, Student Survey

School of Nursing Master's Program Assessment

Alabama Urban Forestry Citizen Survey

Alabama Survey of Rural Land Issues

Agriculture, Environmental and Rural Life Issues Survey

Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Employer Survey

Alabama Veterinary Manpower Needs Survey


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