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The Center for Governmental Services is an important capacity builder in the area of public policy research. We are frequently requested to produce investigative reports on socially relevant topics. Such studies often call for assessments of public opinion or for surveys of elites involved in the policy process. Policy studies have covered such topics as: public health, economic development, natural resources, criminal justice, primary elections, and senior citizens.



Survey of Opinions of Alabama Citizens Related to Water Resources and Water Policy and Law

Public Knowledge, Awareness and Support for Higher Education in Alabama: Report to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Regional Opinions on Immigration

Regional Opinions on Disaster Preparedness

Alabamians Speak Out on Tax Reform

Public Knowledge, Awareness and Support for Higher Education in Alabama

Alabama Attitudes Towards Growth Management

Attitudes of Alabamians Towards Public Policy Issues

Alabamian's Attitudes Towards Electoral Change

Governor's Task Force to Strengthen Alabama Families - Focus Group Report

ACCA Survey of County Officials

Mobile County Education Survey


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