Data Collection


We can undertake complete survey projects from initial study design through data analysis and reporting. Data collection methods include:

  • Telephone Surveys: The Survey Research Lab features state of the art Cati software that enables data collected over the telephone to be entered directly into a database. This software offers sample management, callback management, quota control, interviewer productivity reporting and more. It is used by commercial, not-for-profit, and academic research organizations around the world.
  • Web-based Surveys: Our professionals design web-based surveys that let you create and deploy questionnaires of any complexity. Web surveys allow instant access to your target population and live tracking of results. Other benefits include savings in both time and money for survey researchers, and the ability to present survey information in formats that are difficult to achieve on paper.
  • Self-Administered Mailed Surveys: Paper or electronic e-mail surveys can be designed so that information can be scanned to be read by computer software. This allows data from thousands of respondents to be entered accurately and analyzed rapidly.
  • In-Person Surveys: The Survey Research Lab at Auburn University is located in central Alabama within convenient traveling distance to almost all locations in the State. Our trained interviewers can conduct on-site intercept interviews and focus groups across Alabama.


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