Broadband 101

This course introduces users to the Internet and the World Wide Web, as well as why they are important.
Users will also learn about Broadband and why it is crucial to life in the 21st century.

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Broadband 101

This is the entire course. It is a large file and might take a moment to load.

Duration: 22:40m
File Size: 16.5 MB

Internet Basics

This section covers what the Internet is and what the World Wide Web is.

Duration: 5:45m
File Size: 5.2 MB

Broadband Basics

This section defines Broadband.

Duration: 13:03m
File Size: 9.5 MB

Basics of Using the Internet

This section explains how to navigate the web using a web browser.

Duration: 5:47m
File Size: 5.2 MB



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