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Purdue Online Writing Lab: Resume Verbs

This site discusses resume words, which we discuss in detail during our online resources class. The information is laid out in an easy-to-use format, and the site has other extremely useful information on many topics related to the English language.


U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration

This site is full of excellent information to help job seekers research jobs and careers, find information about vocational, technical, and continuing education. Pay close attention to the Occupational Outlook Handbook-an excellent job research tool-and MySkills, MyFuture, which allows you to enter jobs youíve had and will then match the skills from those jobs with different jobs.


Career One Stop

Hands down the best single job search resource; the top-right corner of the page has links to all state job banks, and the whole site has an exceptional breadth of information for job seekers.



The SocialJobs Facebook page is a collaborative effort between the Department of Labor and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. While not a job search page, it is updated several times a week with information and videos relevant to job seekers.


Americaís Job Exchange

These Internet job banks usually have job postings from the full array of labor sectors, and can also be a good source for entry-level jobs.


Career Builder


These Internet job banks usually have job postings from the full array of labor sectors, and can also be a good source for entry-level jobs.


Privacy Rights
Pay particular attention to fact sheets 25 and 26

While fact sheets 25 and 26 focus on privacy for online job seekers, there is an incredible amount of information regarding all aspects of online privacy and security.


Digital Literacy

This initiative by the Department of Commerce is one of the most comprehensive collections of information designed to enhance literacy. While the focus is on digital literacy, there are also many resources for Adult Basic Education. Information is provided by hundreds of partners-mostly state library associations, government agencies, non-profits, and corporations. The information is not always easily navigated, and most of the resources are links to outside sites (which may confuse patrons), but the information is top-notch.


iTunes U
Available through iTunes Store

Most people think iTunes is just for music, but that is far from the case. iTunes U has the video and/or audio content of thousands of classes across every discipline, almost always for free. Some of the classes even include links to class materials, although there is occasionally a charge for those.

You can access iTunes U by opening iTunes, going to the iTunes store, and opening iTunes U from the button in the top right. Almost everything on iTunes U is free, but you should be very careful-some newer classes include class materials that may have a charge associated with them.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy has thousands of videos covering math, science, business, economics, social sciences and test prep. All of these videos are free to access.


MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware is a site where the actual course materials-notes, lecture audio and video, etc.-from many of the classes taught at MIT are available for free. Please note, these are heavily academic in nature, and the information canít be used to get a degree or credit towards a degree from MIT.




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