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Introduction to the Computer

This class is designed to be taken as the first part of either an Introduction to Windows 7 or an Introduction to the Mac class. This class introduces students to the computer. We describe the different parts of the computer and show people the similarities between the different computers they might encounter. We also cover using the mouse, and show students how to do more than just open programs with it.

Approximate time: 1-2 hours


Introduction to Windows 7 (take online)

The Introduction to Windows 7 shows students how to navigate the Windows desktop, how to use the Taskbar, how to use the Start Menu, and how to use the Windows Explorer. This is a beginner-level class designed for those who want a good foundation with the computer, but also those who have been using a computer for a while but want to know how to be faster and more efficient in Windows.

Approximate time: 4 hours


Introduction to Mac OS X (take online)

The Introduction to the Mac takes students on a thorough tour of the new Mac computers received by the libraries. Designed to remove the unease many people feel learning a totally new computer, this class teaches the Mac operating system by focusing on the ways it's similar to Windows 7, and how it's different from Windows 7.

Approximate time: 4 hours


Online Resources for Job Seekers

This class shows students online resources they can use to find employment, further their current careers, or find professional training. We show students how to use the resume templates included in Microsoft Word to make easier the job of typing up or revising their resumes. We also give tips on how to write a top-notch resume, and show them some of the new resume formats designed more for the digital age. A significant portion of this class is spent navigating the Internet.

Approximate time: 6 hours


Online and Computer Security (take online)

This class shows students how to keep themselves safe online. We show students how to create strong passwords, avoid online scams and phishing scams, how to avoid infecting their computers with viruses, and how to know whether or not the sites they visit are legitimate and secure. We also familiarize students with the different types of threats they can encounter online, and what they can do to keep their computers safe.

Approximate time: 6 hours


Adobe Photoshop

This class introduces students to working with pictures in Adobe Photoshop. We show students how to use the many features of Photoshop such as color modes, painting tools, selections, masks, layers, and blending modes to adjust, retouch, and correct pictures. We also cover filters and effects that can be used to dramatically alter photos.

Approximate time: 6 hours












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