BTOP In Action

Slide 1

A location before the BTOP program installed new resources.

Slide 2

The same area after BTOP installed new resources.

Slide 3

Students enjoying the new technology installed.

Slide 4

Unboxing new machines at Crenshaw.

Slide 5

A new technology lab finished in Cleburne.

Slide 6

A computer lab in Winston in the process of being upgraded.

Slide 7

A completed computer lab in Winston.

Slide 8

A completed computer lab in Crenshaw.

Slide 9

New technology installed in a library in Baldwin.

Slide 10

A completed technology center in Crenshaw.

Slide 11

The state of a computer lab before BTOP performed it's upgrades.

Slide 12

Elementary school students getting to use new computers made possible by BTOP.

Slide 13

New Apple MacBook Pros being prepped for installation.

Slide 14

New technology in use at the Boaz Library.

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