Monthly Report

General Information

Recipient Organization:

Certifying Official:

Reporting Period End Day:
(last day of most recent month)

Hours of Operation

Total hours of operation per
120-hour business week
Total hours of operation
per 48-hour weekend
Total hours contributed by staff to public computing per month

Public Computer Hours

Number of workstation available to the public Average number of computer users Per 120-hour business week Average number of computer users per 48 hour weekend Speed of broadband access (Mbps)

Detailed Monthly Computer Usage

Provide the primary uses of the public computing services during the MONTHLY reporting period. Participants may be counted more than once if they attended multiple training sessions or access public computers at different times. Insert any additional types of uses in the "other"fields - homework, online classes, plus anything that doesn't really fit.



Open access
Office skills
Job search

Training Programs

Please describe the training programs provided at your location during the reporting period. The number of training hours is calculated by multiplying the number of hours for each program by the number of participants.

Name of training Length Participants Total Hours

Public Computing Services Promotional Activites

Please describe any outreach or marketing efforts conducted by our location to promote awareness about your public computing services. How do you advertise your library's computer services? Have you held any press events? Have there been any newspaper articles or TV/radio spots about your computer center?

Name of Activity Description

Accomplishment, Challenges & Best Practices

Describe any major accomplishments, challenges, or best practices. In particular, please identify any success stories or issues where technical assistance from us may be useful. This can be anything, really: good news for the library, problems you're having, anything you do that seems to work really well for you, etc.

Economic Recovery

Describe how your public computing services support economic recovery, such as providing job training, access to job searches, online course offerings, certification, etc. In particular, identify how you serve socially and economically disadvantaged residents. Have any patrons gotten jobs, interviews, or completed some job-related training? Have any students been able to take classes or do school work they couldn't do before?










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