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We encourage every participating location that has received support as part of Auburn University's BTOP project to host a special promotional event in your area. It could be as small as inviting the mayor to welcome participants in a class or as large as a full day events that promotes all the services your library offers. For any questions, please contact Patrick Rose at 334-844-1914 or e-mail at


Marketing Package (Full)



Marketing Materials

We have created materials to help our participating schools and libraries in preparing launch events. Please feel free to use them to help you in your planning and preparation for any press event.

  • Event Planning Form - this form can be a great asset in planning for your launch, or any event.
  • Suggested Invitation List  - this form can assist you with determining those people to whom you would like to personally extend an invitation.
  • Sample Press Release - This is a good starting point for a press release to send to local publications about your event. You will need to fill in your own info and personalize it to make sure it resonates well with your community.
  • Post-Launch Questionnaire - We will ask you to submit the following information after your launch event. Use this form as a guide of what to count during your launch and then send the completed form to Jon Gross.


    News Paper Ads

    Newspaper ads to spread the word about your new or updated computing center. If you choose to advertise about your updated computing center in a newspaper, contact use and we can personalize the ad of your choice.











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