The K8Tigers Program

The K8Tigers Program was created in the fall of 2017 to cater to the needs of K-8 students, schools, and organizations interested in Auburn University. As of January, CEOE has corresponded with over 175 schools during the current academic year, sending college information and promotional items of various types all across the United States. This program relies on donations from Auburn's colleges, departments, and affiliates to function. Special thanks to the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Agriculture, Auburn Alumni Association, Auburn Athletics, Dept. of Housing and the Admissions Office for your generous donations to help us extend the Auburn Family all over this country. Without these departments help, we would not be able to sustain this program.

If you, your school or organization are interested in receiving trinkets, promo items, or information about Auburn University please complete the 'K8Tigers Request' form and email it back to us at

K8Tigers Request Form

Last Updated: February 7, 2018