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Auburn University has a long standing commitment to bringing educational resources and opportunities to Alabama's Black Belt region. Efforts by Auburn University (inclusive of AU school and college academic departments, the Office of the Vice President for University Outreach units, and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System) range from emphasis on education to assisting with personal development to exploring strategies to improve and/or stimulate community and economic development.

AU initiatives in Alabama's Black Belt region are grouped into one of the four categories:

I. Education and K-12 Initiatives

II. Community and Economic Development Initiatives

III. Cultural Preservation and Awareness

IV. Agriculture and Natural Resources.

This site provides an overview of programs and/or projects that have been or are currently ongoing in Alabama's Black Belt. This list does not include all Auburn University projects or programs that are being conducted in the Black Belt. However, it does highlight some of the most successful and longstanding initiatives.

For Additional Information Contact

Dr. Royrickers Cook
Special Assistant to the Vice President of University Outreach
213 Samford Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849
phone: 334-844-5700; fax: 334-844-4780

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