Xtender is a document repository and imaging product that provides the ability to capture, organize, store, and retrieve paper and computer generated documents. Xtender also provides users with the ability to make modifications to the stored documents by redacting sensitive data or adding notes. The full client software is known as ApplicationXtender (AX) and is widely used by individuals scanning and indexing the original documents into a database. The web based version is known as WebXtender (WX) and provides the benefits of the Xtender suite in the universal accessibility of the Internet.

Xtender stores the documents by an index value unique to each document. This gives the users the ability to retrieve information through a variety of search methods ranging from broad and very general queries to specific queries rendering only the most relevant documents. The Xtender software also provides document level security within a group/member structure limiting access to sensitive information.

Please contact xtender@auburn.edu to implement the Xtender software within your department.


Common Topics

System Requirements

To effectively install the ApplicationXtender software, a workstation must have Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. A minimum 128 MB RAM is required for scan stations. Work load and document type should be considered when making a selection for the kind of scanner to be used in your area. The scanner component of your offices copy machine is often a first choice depending on work load and business functions. Contact xtender@auburn.edu for recommendations.

Recommended browsers for WebXtender include Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater.

Xtender Training

Training sessions can be offered in a class setting or within the convenience of your office depending on the number of users in attendance. Contact xtender@auburn.edu to schedule a training session specific to your needs.

Maintenance Requirements

Xtender may be unavailable due to upgrades and enhancements from midnight to noon on Sundays. Exceptions to this schedule will be communicated through email from xtender@auburn.edu.

ActiveX Controls (WebXtender)

To properly view documents in WebXtender, ActiveX controls may need to be installed. This is a one-time install that can be accessed by following these instructions. Not everyone is able to install these settings without the assistance of the departmental computer coordinator as some areas have more restrictive networking policies. Contact xtender@auburn.edu if you need assistance with installing ActiveX controls on your machine.

Questions or Comments

We value your feedback. Please contact xtender@auburn.edu to submit your questions or comments.
Last Updated: December 06, 2016