Tiger Print

Tiger Print allows Auburn University students the option to print to an OIT managed lab printer from anywhere. Tiger Print is available both as a web interface application and as an installable application for your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.


Web Interface


To use the Tiger Print web interface, visit http://tigerprint.auburn.edu/user.

Log in using your Auburn Username and Password.



As the name implies, the Summary screen shows a summary of your activity in Tiger Print. This summary includes the balance from the print jobs you have accumulated, the total print jobs submitted, and the total pages printed.


Web Print - Preparing a Print Job

To print a document, click the "Submit a Job" link.

Next, select the printer where you want to pick up your print job and press the "Print Options and Account Selection" button.

Selecting a Printer

On the Options screen, enter the number of copies and press the "Upload Document" button.

Number of Copies

On the Upload screen, press the "Choose File" button to select your file (PDF or TXT).

Choose File

You will now see your file listed. Next, press the "Upload & Complete" button.

File Chosen

You can now watch the progress.

NOTE: A job isn't sent to the printer until you go the the "Jobs Pending Release" screen and release it.

Job Successfully Submitted

Job Rendering

Releasing a Job to the Printer

Print jobs are not sent to the printer until you tell them to. From the sidebar, select "Jobs Pending Release". When you're ready for the job to go to the printer click the "print" link on the right side of the screen.

Job In Release Queue

Job Released

Print Job History

To view the list of all your previous print jobs, select "Transaction History" or "Recent Print Jobs."

History of Print Jobs

Software Client Installation


The following information will guide you through the process of installing the Tiger Print client.

  1. Log in to AU Install (www.auburn.edu/download).
  2. Select Tiger Print in the list of software downloads and click the Mac link.

  3. Navigate to your Downloads folder and open tigerprint_client.dmg.
  4. Now double-click client-local-install.app.

  5. Select open if prompted.

  6. When prompted with Install PCClient into the Applications Folder? Select Yes.

  7. Enter your Auburn UserID and Password into the Tiger Print Application.

  8. Finally you will see the Tiger Print Client running in the top left corner of your screen. If you get prompted that "the publisher could not be verified," just press the "Run" button.

The following information will guide you through the process of installing the Tiger Print client.

  1. Open System Preferences which may be located in the Dock or the Applications Folder.

    System Preferences
  2. Select Print & Scan from the Hardware Section.

    Print & Scan
  3. From the Print & Scan screen select the + symbol in the lower left of the page.

  4. From the + menu select "Add Other Printer or Scanner..."

  5. Within the Add Printer Screen select "IP."

    For Protocol choose "Line Printer Daemon – LPD."

    Enter "auprint.auburn.edu" in the "Address:" Field.

    For Queue enter the printer name you would like to print to.

    Next, in the printer name field, enter a name that you would associate with the printer.

    Finally, select Add at the bottom of the window.

  6. Select "OK" at the bottom of the next window.

  7. You are now ready to print to the newly installed printer.

  8. When you first attempt to print a file you will be presented with a pop-up window asking for credentials.

  9. Enter your credentials and select from the drop down box how long you would like for the client
    to remember your information.

  10. You will then be notified that the print job has been sent to the printer.

    Print job sent to printer


The following information will guide you through the process of installing the Tiger Print client.

  1. Log in to AU Install (www.auburn.edu/download).
  2. Select Tiger Print in the list of software downloads and click the Windows link.
  3. Run the executable file you downloaded.
  4. If you get prompted that "the publisher could not be verified," just press the "Run" button.

    The publisher could not be verified.

  5. Press the "Next >" button and continue with the installation.

    Welcome to the Tiger Print Client Setup Wizard
  6. Use the default folder location and click the Next button to continue.

    Select Installation Folder
  7. Click the Install button to begin installation.

    Ready to Install
  8. Once installation has completed, click the Finish button.

    Finish Installation
  9. Open TigerPrint.exe from the Start Menu (located in the Tiger Print Client folder inside All Programs).

    Open TigerPrint
  10. Enter your Username and Password, place a check in the Remember my identity box and click OK.

  11. You should now have a window similar to this located in the top right of your desktop.


Printing to an OIT Lab Printer (from anywhere)

Printing to an OIT Lab Printer from anywhere is for student use only. Standard printing fees will be applied to your eBill account - black & white printing is $0.07 per page and $0.50 per page in color. View Your Lab Printing Fees

Print from OIT Lab computers

To print from the OIT Labs on campus you will need to log into the lab computer with your AU login credentials. The printer for that compter lab is configured as the default printer for the machine you have logged into. A seperator page will be printed for identification with each print job.

Print from your PC or Mac over AU_WiFi

In order to print to the OIT printers located across campus from your personal computer or Mac over a wireless connection, you must be signed into AU_WiFi. This will give you the option to release the print job from your mobile device to OIT printers across campus. This option will NOT print a banner page; instead, there will be a light watermark on the bottom of each page for identification.

  1. Download the VPN client.

    Visit http://www.auburn.edu/oit/vpn and follow the instructions for your device.

  2. Download the Papercut client.

    The Papercut client is available for download at AU Install (http://www.auburn.edu/download). Installation should be straightforward -- just follow the prompts.

  3. Install the printer.

    Windows OS
    First, install the printer driver. The HP Universal PCL 5 Driver is available at http://www.auburn.edu/oit/hpuniversal
    • Select the operating system for your device
    • Press the download button beside the HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL5
    • Click “Run” when prompted
    • Check USB mode- plug and play
    • Follow the prompts until it is installed

    Now that the driver is installed, you can now install the printer.

    • Click Start button
    • Select Devices and Printers
    • Click "Add a Printer"
    • Click "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"
    • Click "The printer that I want isn't listed"
    • Check "Select a shared printer by name"
    • Enter "http://printers.auburn.edu:631/printers/AUMR"
    • Choose "HP" for Manufacturer and "HP Universal Printing PCL 5" for printer type.

    Mac OS and iOS

    • Select print for the job you want to print
    • Select AUMR for the printer from your list of available air printers
    • When you select AUMR, it will install the printer

    Once the Papercut client and the printer are installed on your computer, you will be able to print from wherever you are located and then release the job to the printers when you get on campus from your mobile device.

    Duplex Printing

    When you print to AUMR it allows you to print duplex (both sides of the paper), if the lab you are in has a duplex enabled printer. If you are printing from an OIT Lab machine you are only going to print simplex at this time.

    Below is a list of duplex enabled printers:
    • RBD2ndfllcbw4 (located on the 2nd floor of the library behind the reference desk)
    • HSOP1stfl2 (located in the Harrison School of Pharmacy)
    • HSOP1stfl1 (located in the Harrison School of Pharmacy)

  4. With your mobile device, visit http://tigerprint.auburn.edu/mr and log in with your university username and password.

  5. Once logged in, you may press "Printers" or "Jobs."

    If you choose "Printers," you can search for your printer, which uses autocomplete, or you can look through the list of available printers (notice the location of the printer in smaller gray font below the printer name). Choose the printer where you want your document printed.

  6. Select the print job(s) you want to print and press the “Release" button.

Print from your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad)

You can print from your phone or tablet as long as you are connected to the AU wireless network.

  1. Install the PaperCut printing app
    1. Go to http://tigerprint.auburn.edu:9191/ios/install
    2. Select “Install”, and then select “Install Now”.
    3. If your device has a passcode, you may be asked to enter it.
    4. Select Done.
  2. Sign in and print
    1. Go to your apps and select the PaperCut printing app.
    2. Sign in with your Auburn username and password. Your printing balance and recent print jobs will be displayed.
    3. Now that the app is running and you are signed in, you can print from other apps that support printing (Ex. going to your photos and selecting print).

Note: The PaperCut printing app MUST BE RUNNING before you can print (you should only have to sign in once).

Demo Video

Last Updated: January 02, 2015