General Survey Instructions


General Instructions

The survey must use the current blue General Purpose Scan Sheet available at the Auburn University Bookstore in Haley Center.

Scan sheet processing is available at the HelpDesk in the Library and at the OIT Building (300 Lem Morrison Dr.). 

For 24 hour turnaround time, scan sheets may be dropped off at the OIT HelpDesk located on the third floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm and Friday, 8:00 am -5:00 pm. Results will be available for pick-up at the OIT HelpDesk the next business day. Results not picked up from the HelpDesk within 2 days will be available for pick-up at the OIT Building, 300 Lem Morrison Drive.

For immediate turnaround, tests may be dropped off at the OIT building front desk, located at 300 Lem Morrison Drive from 7:45 am until 4:45 pm Monday thru Friday. Scored tests will be available for pick-up as soon as they can be scanned - usually in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how busy things are.

Scan sheets received through Campus Mail will not be processed. Scan sheets should be placed in an envelope labeled with the name, telephone number and email address of the person to contact for pick-up.

In addition to the printed output, the survey owner may obtain a copy of the raw scanned data in ascii text form only and/or a copy of the summary information on CD. Survey owners who want the files on CD should include a blank writeable CD-R in the envelope with the scan sheets. Survey owners are responsible for any further processing and analysis of the raw data.


All scan sheets must be marked with a #2 pencil ONLY.

All response positions must be fully marked. Do not mark outside the designated area of any response position. All stray marks must be completely erased.

Scan sheets must not be stapled, folded or mutilated.

All scan sheets must face in the same direction--make sure that the notched edge is at the top right. Place the survey cover sheet on top.

Any number of questions up to a maximum of 200 can be used in the survey.


Survey Scan Sheet

The people completing the scan sheets need only mark the bubbles corresponding to their responses to the survey questions.

Multiple marks, including incomplete erasures, may result in an inaccurate scanning of the data. Because the scanner reads the back of the scan sheet through the paper, stray marks on the front of the sheet may result in inaccurate scanning of questions on the back of the sheet if there are more than 100 questions.


Cover Sheet

A cover sheet must be completed for the survey and placed on top of the survey sheets to be processed. This sheet should be filled out as follows:

Print the name of the survey to appear on the computer printouts and mark the corresponding bubbles.
2. Boxes ABCD Print "9" in each of the four boxes and mark the corresponding bubbles to identify this scan sheet as the cover sheet. This is REQUIRED.
3. Boxes KLM Print the number of questions in the three boxes and mark the corresponding bubbles. This is REQUIRED.

Leave all other boxes blank.



Survey Cover Sheet
Survey Response Sheet
Survey Summary Output
Raw Data

Last Updated: August 02, 2017