Enabling Your New Voice Mail Box

OIT is in the process of upgrading the University’s voice mail system. Each voice mail user must enable a new voice mail box by following the instructions below. Because there are several thousand voice mail boxes in the system, OIT will send these instructions in batches to smaller groups of users at a time so that the system will not be overloaded with too many users enabling voice mail boxes at the same time. It is important that you enable your new voice mail box as soon as possible after receiving this notice. The next batch of email notices will be sent in a few days.

The new voice mail system will go live October 11th. Until then, you will continue using your current voice mail box, but you must go ahead and enable your new voice mail box now so that it will work when the new system goes live on October 11th. Once the new voice mail system goes live, you will begin receiving your voice mail messages in your University Outlook email inbox as a WAV file attachment. Shared voice mail boxes will not route to an email inbox. Users will still be able to retrieve messages over the phone.

Instructions to enable your new voice mail box

  1. Call 4-1000 and follow the prompts. If you reach a busy signal, please try your call again.

    If calling from on-campus, you must call from the Auburn University phone that your voice mail box is assigned to as it will recognize your caller id. If calling from off-campus you will be prompted for your mail box number, which is the last five digits of your campus telephone number.

  2. Enter your security code.

    You must enter the default security code initially. For users active before 7/29/2016 the code is 0000. For users activated on or after 7/29/2016 the code is 120000. You will then be prompted to enter a new security code that you create for yourself.

  3. Enter a new security code.

    The new security code you enter will be the code you use going forward to access your new voice mailbox.

  4. Record your name to identify your mail box.

    When prompted just say your name.

  5. Record your personal greeting.

    Please state your name again when recording your personal greeting. This will be the greeting that callers will hear when they reach your voice mail box.

If you have questions or experience a problem enabling your voice mail box, please contact OIT HelpDesk, helpdesk@auburn.edu.


Last Updated: December 02, 2016