Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Technology Enhanced Classrooms

There are about 600 Technology Enhanced Classrooms across campus, all maintained by TEC Support. They all have, at a minimum, a permanently mounted LCD projector and a computer console with an Internet connection. Preventive maintenance is done four times a year, and training on the equipment is available as needed.

For support of the Technology Enhanced Classrooms, contact:

TEC Support
David Simon

OIT Building
300 Lem Morrison Drive
(334) 844-2293

Details about Technology Enhanced Classrooms by Building

The TEC DATABASE contains information about each of the classrooms, including what technology is located in a room, the ability to search by building for rooms that house particular technologies (e.g. DVD players, document cameras) and a link to the floor plans.

For planning and implementation of new or updated technology in classrooms, contact:

John Gober
Classroom Design Group
OIT Building
300 Lem Morrison Drive
(334) 844-9396


Innovative Learning Spaces at Auburn University:  Haley Center 2213

In preparation for the new Central Classroom Facility (CCF), the Office of Information Technology, in collaboration with Facilities and a group of faculty, students, and staff is renovating a classroom in Haley Center (HC2213) to become an active learning classroom that will seat 45 students.  The new classroom building will house active learning classrooms, and the purpose of building this kind of classroom now is to a) test furniture and instructional technologies and receive faculty and student feedback, and to b) give faculty an opportunity to rethink their courses now so that they can start using the new spaces in the CCF without major adjustment. 

The room will contain "pods" of furniture that will allow for group activities, with up to nine students per "pod." 

HC2213 furnitureThe classroom will have glass boards on all walls to allow for more effective group work, and the technology in the room will allow for students bringing their own devices (laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices) to connect to the projecting devices that will allow the sharing of student work with all students across the room. Microphones, document camera, and video capturing will round out the equipment in the classroom. 


Timeline for this project: 

Spring and Summer 2013:  renovation of room, faculty development to rethink the courses taught in this space

Fall 2013:  first round of classes, with ongoing faculty discussions, assessment

Spring 2014:  second round of classes, assessment, faculty development, second round of faculty proposals to teach in this room

Faculty development opportunities are offered by the Biggio Center and Dr. Wiebke Kuhn, to be started in January, 2013, and assessment procedures for assessment of the instructional technologies, the furniture, and the space as a whole are also currently under development, so that an ongoing assessment will be able to provide feedback for the new CCF.


Last Updated: April 10, 2014