Student PC Shop

Student PC Shop

The Student PC Shop (SPCS) and its professionally trained technicians can diagnose and repair your personal computer and have you back on Facebook & Twitter in no time. Other areas the SPCS can help with are AU_WiFi & AU_GameNet and computer prep.

  • Phone: (334) 844-9313
  • Email:
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
  • Location: 3101A RBD Library

Repair Shop

The cost of this service is a fraction of that found at other local stores and is conveniently billed directly to your bursar account.

Pricing typically falls in one of these three levels:

Level One:

  • Typically < 1 hr Work
  • Extensive Diagnostics
  • Data Transfer
  • Replace Hardware
    (Student supplies parts)

Level Two:

  • All of the above plus...
  • Spyware Cleanup
  • Virus Cleanup
    • Patching
    • Virus Software Update

Level Three:

  • All of the above plus...
  • Wipe out Hard Drive
  • Rebuild Operating System

Computer Prep

Got a new PC? Let the Student PC Shop help you get it set up to use safely on the Auburn Network.

  • Operating System Updates
  • Software Installation
    • Anti-Virus
    • Spyware Protection
    • VPN Client
    • etc...
  • Prep for AU_WiFi

Help Setting Up AU_WiFi & AU_GameNet

If you need help setting up your laptop to AU_WiFi, the Student PC Shop can help at no cost to you.

The SPCS can also assist you get your PS3 or XBox360 hooked up to the gaming network, AU_GameNet.

Last Updated: June 12, 2017