People Finder Help

How to find someone in People Finder

You can search for an Auburn student or employee by name or username.

The People Finder locates all entries matching what you type in the Search field.  Press the Search button to begin your search.

If you enter part of a name (or username), everyone whose name or username contains the characters you entered will be displayed.  The username is the first part of an Auburn email address (

Each list of search results may be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Title or Department.  Click on the column header to sort by one of these options.

Choose the person you're looking for from the list displayed.  For someone with a common last name, type all or part of their first name and then last name in the search box.

Advanced Search Options

Click on Advanced Options to narrow or expand your results.  In addition to searching by name or username you can also search by Role, Department, Title or Location.  You can use one of these advanced search options or a combination of them.

To include role or department in your search, select the desired option from the drop down box. To search by Title or Location, type in all or part of an employee job title or a campus building name.

Click the Search button on the left to begin the search.  Each list of search results may be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Title or Department.  Click on the column header to sort by one of these options.

Why you might not find someone you expect

If your search does not result in any exact matches, People Finder will attempt to find suggestions for you by looking at middle name, initials, and other information.  However, if no results are displayed, it is most likely due to one of the following:

  • AU students can restrict the release of their personal information.  If so, they are “unlisted” and won’t appear in the People Finder search results. 

    Restriction flags in their official student record control the release of this information.   Students may request that restricted information be released or that listed information be restricted. To request a change in the release of personal information, students must contact the Registrar's Office at (334) 844-2544 or

  • You might have misspelled, made a typo, or provided too much detail. Try again and consider alternate spellings. For instance, if you don't know whether someone is Smith or Smyth, then just type Sm in the last name field and choose from the list that displays.

  • He/she is not a currently registered student or employee.  Some retirees are included in the People Finder search results.

The person goes by a name other than his published name. If the last name isn't too common, try entering just the last name, sort the list display by last name and then look through the listings for a first name similar to the one you're looking for.

How to update your own listing

Everyone: View this knowledgebase article for instructions on how to update your information.

Students: Contact the Registrar’s Office in Langdon Hall ( or (334) 844-5362) to restrict the release of information about you.

For Both: If you have a personal Web page hosted by AU, then a clickable link to its URL appears in your People Finder listing. If your web page is located elsewhere, read how to redirect a web page.

Last Updated: October 5, 2020