Welcome back students! Keep a lookout for phishing scams this semester

Welcome back! Before you get busy with classes again, we urge you to stay safe online and be diligent to avoid falling for a phishing scam. There has been an increase in the number of email phishing attempts targeted at Auburn students. Remember, your Auburn credentials provide access to all of your education and financial aid records, student employment information, and communication information, including email, calendar details, and contacts.

Auburn University will NEVER ask for your account information (username/password) or other personal information via email or request that you “verify your account.”

Tips to Safeguard Yourself

  • DO NOT reply to an email with any personal information or passwords.
  • DO NOT click a link in an unsolicited email message.
  • DO NOT use the same password for your University account, bank, Facebook, etc.
  • Change ALL of your passwords if you suspect any account you have access to may be compromised.
  • Be extra cautious when reading email on your phone. It can be easier to miss the phishing warning signs on smaller screens.

Phishing Warning Signs

  • Urgent Language - Phishing attempts often use language meant to alarm, urging you to take immediate action, such as “You MUST click on the link below or your account will be canceled.”
  • The Greeting - Fake messages often do not address you by name, but instead use general greetings like “Dear Customer” or no greeting at all.
  • URLs Don’t Match - If the URL in an email is unfamiliar to you or is different than the one displayed when you hover your mouse over it, DON'T CLICK THE LINK. If the web address doesn’t begin with https:// do not give that site any information.
  • Avoid the Obvious - “Official” messages that contain misspellings, poor grammar and/or punctuation errors should be considered fraudulent. And, of course, if you don’t have a Wells Fargo credit card, for example, don’t respond to a request for information for card holders!
  • Request for Personal Information - If an email message asks you to provide any account or other personal information by completing a form or clicking on a link within an email message, don’t do it.
More information – auburn.edu/oit/phishing

Last Updated: August 23, 2016