New and Updated Policies Notification

Four University IT Policies have been updated recently.

Three new policies have been created that may have significant impact on your development and acquisition of web applications and web content, electronic media, and instructional materials, as well as, procurement of technology.

Auburn University employees and students are responsible for understanding and abiding by official policies. Employees and students are strongly encouraged to read through each policy in its entirety. Employees should contact their IT Provider if they have any questions.

These short statements are to serve as an introduction to the policies and briefly mention some of the changes. Again, each policy should be read in its entirety.

  • The Appropriate Use of Information Technology Policy describes the expected behavior and responsibility for all devices connected to the Auburn University network and everyone that uses Auburn University IT resources. The updates to this policy include language that addresses the responsibility of using shared resources, explicit language regarding respect for others, and professional behavior.
  • The Eligibility for Auburn University User Accounts Policy defines which entities and individuals qualify for an Auburn University user account. The updates to this policy include clearer definitions of who is eligible for an account.
  • The Employee and Student Email Policy consolidates and replaces the Faculty Email Policy, Employee Email Policy, and Student Email Policy. This policy describes the appropriate use of email and in particular its use in regards to official communications and transmission of confidential information. There are a number of updates included in this policy but employees and students should take special note of Policy Procedures items one (1) and twelve (12).
    • (VII) Item 1 - "Official email communication for Auburn University employees and students should be made only through the Auburn email system. The use of non-Auburn email for sending confidential or sensitive Auburn University information is prohibited."
    • (VII) Item 12 - "Employees are prohibited from automatically forwarding Auburn University email to a third party email system. Individual messages that are forwarded by the user must not contain Auburn University confidential or sensitive information."
  • The Student Organization Web Space Policy defines how a student organization can obtain University-provided web space and the responsibilities and rules associated with the space.
  • The Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) Policy replaces the Policy on Web Accessibility Standards and Policy on Equal Access to Emerging Technology. In brief, this policy ensures the University will procure and deploy Electronic and Information Technology software, hardware, and services that have been designed and developed to be accessible to people with disabilities. The Definitions and Procedures Document attached to the policy provides standards and procedures for creating and procuring web applications and web content, electronic media, and instructional materials to fulfill the EITA Policy. This document also defines the expectations of procuring accessible technology.
  • The Information Security Incident Reporting Policy defines your responsibility of reporting actual, possible, or perceived comprises of University-owned data and/or systems.
  • The Social Security Number (SSN) Protection Policy describes the proper handling of Social Security Numbers.
Last Updated: August 23, 2016