Emails with .zip file attachments temporarily quarantined over virus concerns

Over the past couple of weeks numerous Auburn users have received emails that had .zip file attachments infected with the crippling CryptoWall/CryptoLocker virus. The subject lines that were used for the messages included:

  • {name}, Notice to Appear in Court,
  • {name} – My Resume,
  • Scanned,
  • Citi Merchant Services,
  • and possibly others.
As a result, messages with .zip file attachments are being temporarily quarantined by the McAfee Email Gateway (MEG). If you need to send others .zip files, consider using FileMover ( or OneDrive ( If you are expecting a message with a legitimate .zip file attachment, you may request it be passed through the system by contacting

If you received a suspicious message with a .zip attachment, delete it and do not open the attachment.

Cryptowall is categorized as ransomware because it encrypts your files so you cannot access them until you pay the criminals for the access to unlock them. You can learn more about the CryptoWall/CryptoLocker virus at

Last Updated: August 23, 2016