OIT Moving Data Center to the New Core

About two years ago, OIT began building a new core data network with faster switches & network connections and more redundancy towards the edge of the network. Earlier this year, OIT began moving colleges and departments from the old core to the new core in a well-planned and methodical process. Many of the larger college networks are on the new core and now it is time to move the OIT data center onto the new core. This work will result in a complete outage of the data center. All IT services connected to the data center or relying on the data center for access will be unavailable for a period of time during the outage window. We believe the best time to perform this work is after Fall semester graduation and before the university breaks for the holidays. We need a few days of normal business operations following the move to be sure that all systems are functioning properly, which means the work must occur in the middle of the week. We are planning for the work to begin after close of business on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 and continuing for 6 – 8 hours into the night. This email is meant only to communicate the date and time of the outage so that you are aware and can start making preparations that you feel may be necessary.

Last Updated: August 23, 2016