Phishing Scams and Identity Theft common during the Holiday Season

During the holiday season there is typically a rise in phishing scams and attempts of identity theft. Be cautious during this time of year. Slow down and consider the actions you are taking online. PHISHING SCAMS: Below is a recent phishing scam that has been sent to the Auburn community. Note that this message follows the key signs of a phishing message: 1) Urgent Language, 2) General Greeting (ie. Dear user), 3) Improper grammar/misspellings, 4) Suspicious links, 5) Attempt to look official (see the @ Never click links in messages from unknown senders. If a message is in question, contact the business in person or on the phone. Just delete messages like this one. Contact the OIT HelpDesk if you have any questions - or 334-844-4944. Stay Safe Online, Happy Holidays, and War Eagle! -OIT

"Dear Auburn user,

We're written to let you know that your e-mail account has been out of our DSL Data,
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Last Updated: August 23, 2016