Accessibility Summit, AccessU 2012

With flexible content delivery and adaptable applications, the truly Accessible Web is available to everyone all the time, regardless of ability. Spend some time with the Accessibility experts and find the inspiration and practical knowledge you need to make your Web presence truly universal.

Join the Office of Sustainability, Office of Information Technology, and the campus web developers for the AccessU Summit to be viewed in the OIT Presentation Room, May 15th from 9AM to 4PM.

Schedule of Speakers

Designing for Accessibility
Molly Holzschlag

Session description forthcoming.

Before and After Demonstration
Shadi Abou-Zahra

Learn how you can contribute to and benefit from WAI's latest work on a harmonized evaluation methodology, testing procedures, and accessibility support database.

Planning Accessibility Management
Sharron Rush

In this session, we cover how to bring various elements of company policy, IT development, procurement, and user experience testing into an action plan.

We go through the communication and implementation plans for IT accessibility throughout both large and small organizations and with distributed teams.

Screenreaders, ARIA & HTML5
Jason Kiss

Despite varying support in browsers and assistive technologies, HTML5 and WAI-ARIA provide real accessibility benefits. This is especially the case for screen reader users.

Understanding how different screen readers handle HTML5 and WAI-ARIA is important to knowing how best to use them. Fortunately, implementing even the simplest aspects of HTML5 and WAI-ARIA can go a long way to improving a page's accessibility.

Updated with results for early 2012, this session will review the behavior of current screen reader and browser combinations when dealing with some of HTML5's basic elements and related WAI-ARIA roles and attributes

Mobile Accessibility
Henny Swan

Knowing where to start can be the hardest thing to figure out sometimes and with a lack of published information, guidelines and resources, mobile accessibility is no different.

Henny will take you on a practical walk though of mobile accessibility covering strategy, design and build techniques, and testing. She'll look at the the cross over between the desktop and mobile web, where you stand with HTML5 and WAI ARIA and the breakpoints in responsive design.

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