Computer Labs

Computer Labs

General Information

Office of Information Technology computing labs are located conveniently throughout campus in many academic buildings. These labs are available to all Auburn University students and employees on a first-come-first-serve basis. To use the OIT computing labs, you will need your username and password.

OIT Computing Lab Locations

Location # of PCs Thin Clients Printer Model Printer Location
Haley Center - 3350/3362 38   1 HP LaserJet 9000 Haley 3350
CVM Library 5   2 HP LaserJet 9050 CVM Library
Lowder Business Building - 011 20   2 HP LaserJet 9050 011 Lowder
Parker Hall - 252   18 2 HP LaserJet 9050 256 Parker
Parker Hall - 254 24   2 HP LaserJet 9050 256 Parker
Parker Hall - 256   16 2 HP LaserJet 9050 256 Parker
RBD Library - 1st Floor 11   2 HP LaserJet 9050 1st Floor adjacent to PCs
RBD Library - 2nd Floor
(Learning Commons)
63 9 4 HP LaserJet 9050 2nd Floor,
behind reference desk
RBD Library - 3rd Floor 17   2 HP LaserJet 9050
1 HP 5550 Color
Behind the PCs,
across from the OIT HelpDesk
RBD Library - 4th Floor 17   2 HP LaserJet 9050 Behind the PCs
RBD Library 1106 - 1st Floor 44   2 HP LaserJet 9050 1106 RBD Library (1st Floor)
Student Union   9 2 HP LaserJet 9050 2nd Floor, next to Postal Kiosk


View Your Lab Printing Fees

Printing to an OIT Lab Printer from Anywhere

Printing to an OIT Lab Printer from Anywhere Printing is for student use only.

Students can print PDF or TXT files on the networked printers in OIT computing labs from anywhere on campus! It's easy and convenient - all web-based so you don't need to install anything. Just login and select the desired printer (black & white or color) from the drop-down menu. Standard printing fees will be applied to your eBill account - black & white printing is $0.07 per page and $0.50 per page in color.

There are 8 web accessible printers available in a variety of locations around campus. See for more information.

Reserving a Lab

To reserve an OIT computing lab for instructional use, notify the Manager of PACS Support at least one week in advance. If the requested use of the lab involves the installation of software, the request should be made at least two weeks in advance.

It should be noted that the primary use of the OIT computing labs is for student walk-in instructional computing. While some labs may be reserved by University departments for instructional purposes, the hours available for reservation are limited. Departments and colleges with strong demands for instructional computing labs are urged to establish their own facilities to meet their own specialized needs.

IT computing labs may not be reserved for events that charge a registration fee that is not included in University tuition.


All of our computing labs are currently running the Windows XP SP3 operating system. Other software installed depends on the lab. Please see the chart below.

Software Parker 252 & 256 Paker 254 & Haley Library Library Auditorium (1106) Lowder & Comer
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player Plugin
Adobe Reader
Alice 2.0  
Amos 20  
Cute PDF Writer
Google Chrome
Haptek Player        
Mathematica 8      
MATLAB R2007b    
Microsoft Forefront Virus Protection  
Microsoft Live Essentials
Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
Microsoft Silverlight
Minitab 16
Python 2.5        
RealPlayer Enterprise
Respondus LockDown Browser
SAS 9.3
Sophos Antivirus for V-Shield        
SPSS 19        
SPSS 20  
Turning Point 2008        


Installing specific software

If the use of a teaching lab requires the installation of discipline-specific software not currently available in the lab, the following policies apply:

  1. The software must be installed by OIT personnel (the assistance of the requesting instructor may be required).
  2. The software must be legal. It is the responsibility of the individual reserving the lab to obtain the correct number of legal copies or an appropriate site license.
  3. The software must not conflict with any software on the OIT support list (i.e., if software on the OIT support list would serve the same purpose, alternative software will not be installed).
  4. OIT will provide no instructional or technical support in the use of the software.
  5. OIT reserves the right to refuse any request for software installation.

Lab Hours

During each semester, the OIT computing labs are open whenever the building is open. Sometimes, though, labs will be closed for special events on campus, when a class is reserved for the lab, or for routine maintenance.

Lab Security System

The machines in the OIT Labs are secured by a fiber optic anti-theft system. If you should accidentally set off the alarm, use the lab phone to report the problem to the OIT HelpDesk at 844-4944 (HelpDesk calls are forwarded to the OIT machine room operators after hours), then wait for campus security and someone from OIT to arrive to turn off the alarm.

Last Updated: March 3, 2014