Faculty E-mail

Issued by: The Office of the Provost

E-mail is an approved medium for communicating, with regard to AU educational activities, between and among faculty and students. All faculty members and instructors are responsible for checking their Auburn University issued e-mail accounts with a frequency appropriate for the educational activities in which they are involved.

This policy does not require faculty to communicate with their students via e-mail, rather it offers an additional option. Faculty members and instructors who do not have ready access to a computer may opt to communicate in more traditional ways. Just as office hours are announced in the syllabus or at the first class meeting, the matter of e-mail usage should be clarified in the initial class contact

E-mail that faculty members send to students with regard to courses should be addressed either to the students' AU e-mail address or, upon notification to the students, to their Blackboard address.

Last Updated: January 02, 2015