Employee E-mail

Issued by: The Office of the Provost

Revised: March 15, 2006


E-mail is an approved medium for communicating with employees who are assigned computers and e-mail accounts as part of their job. All AU employees on active assignment, who have computers assigned in their job function, are responsible to check their Auburn University assigned e-mail account with a frequency appropriated to the activities in which they are involved. Appropriate exceptions for leave or other off campus activities apply. The official e-mail address is identified as username@auburn.edu.

All communications sent via e-mail from a generic list server account must contain the signature of the sender, containing name and title as well as contact information such as e-mail address, and/or phone number.

The originator of any communications sent via e-mail, is responsible to determine and comply with archival requirements. See General Records Schedule for Alabama Universities at http://www.lib.auburn.edu/archive/records_schedule.htm for archival requirements.

Communications and Marketing will send a daily e-mail message, titled AU Daily, containing official announcements and news items to the Auburn community.

Communications and Marketing will work with departments making regular e-mail announcements, to include these announcements in the AU Daily Announcement and to eliminate duplicate messages where possible. An example might be road closings and/or utility outages announcements. Any department needing to reach all employees or a large cross section of employees should send these notices to Communications and Marketing for inclusion in the AU Daily.

All e-mails that include documents sent as attachments and that are addressed to mailing lists and/or to multiple recipients, where the recipients' computing capabilities are unknown, should include a version of the attachments in a file format easily accessible by varied platforms. Recommended file formats for attachments include Adobe PDF or RTF (Rich Text Format).

In cases where employees do not have computer access on the job, the supervisors of these employees should arrange for such messages to be printed and posted or otherwise inform these employees of all official communications delivered via e-mail.

There should be a clear understanding that this e-mail policy does not replace the need for official forms or procedures, IE e-mail may not be used to perform personnel actions (PAF's, or to transmit grade sheets, etc).

Last Updated: January 02, 2015