Appropriate Use of Information Technology

Issued by: The Office of the Provost

Revised January 31, 2002


Auburn University has a significant investment in information technology resources and as owner of these resources has a responsibility to ensure the appropriate and lawful use of these resources. The following policy is designed for this purpose.


Auburn University students, faculty, and employees are afforded the privilege of using Auburn University Information Technology (IT) resources, computers, telecommunications equipment, and telecommunications and computing networks for the expressed purpose of supporting the University's mission of Instruction, Research, and Outreach, and the administrative functions of the University. Additionally, Auburn University reserves the right to regulate individual resource usage to promote optimum system wide performance and/or optimum performance for critical or priority functions. It is the responsibility of each individual to use University IT resources in an appropriate manner and to comply with any Federal, State, or local statutes as might apply to IT resources.

Any OIT or departmental policies and guidelines that further define the use of IT resources and services must not conflict with this policy. Auburn University reserves the right to revise or amend those policies at any time.


All holders of User Accounts are advised that they should review appropriate OIT and departmental computing and/or network use policy and be aware that there are state and federal laws in addition to those departmental policies. Violations of policy or law may include loss of User Account, University sanctions and other civil and criminal penalties. OIT use policies can be located on the web at and departmental policies are generally available on the college or departmental Web pages.

Last Updated: January 02, 2015