Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)

The Identity Management (IDM) Office of Auburn University manages the Banner Faculty role for the Provost Office. This process allows the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) to start work on their syllabus and course materials in Blackboard.

Recommended Procedures:

  1. In order for the GTA to be given a faculty role, it must be verified by the Department Head that they meet SACS criteria to teach in the area to which they will be assigned.
  2. SACS Principles of Accreditation 3.7.1 states the following criteria for GTA's:

    Graduate teaching assistants: master’s in the teaching discipline or 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline, direct supervision by a faculty member experienced in the teaching discipline, regular in-service training, and planned and periodic evaluations.
  3. This email verification will need come directly from the Department Head's university email account and be sent to . The email needs to specifically state the student meets the 18 graduate semester credit hour or master's criteria.
  4. It would be helpful for the Department Head, in the email, to give IDM the date of the last term the GTA will be teaching.
  5. A GTA’s faculty role can be extended beyond the original end date by another email to . This email can come from a department administrative assistant or course scheduler, provided the verification has been sent earlier by the department head.

Last Updated: Mar. 16, 2011