Faculty: Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)

Access Request Form

Authorized Users:
“Alternate Approvers”, “Submitters”, Dean, Directors and Department Heads
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Request access for:

  • Identity Management
  • Access Control
  • Parking Services
  • Auburn University Libraries


  1. The Identity Management Office (IDM) of Auburn University manages the Banner Faculty role for the Provost Office. The process listed below allows the GTA to be given a faculty role in Banner so they can begin work on their syllabus, add course materials in Canvas and be listed as the instructor of record.
  2. The sponsoring department personnel with AU login credentials will complete the Access Request Form.
  3. The Department Head or Alternate Approver is required, by the Provost Office, to verify all GTA’s meet the SACS criteria.
  4. SACS Commission Guidelines on Faculty Credentials, Section 3.7.1 states the following criteria for GTA:
    1. Graduate teaching assistants: master’s in the teaching discipline or 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline; direct supervision by a faculty member experienced in the teaching discipline; regular in-service training; and planned and periodic evaluations.
  5. The end term will be the student’s graduation date unless otherwise noted by the person completing the form.
  6. The GTA faculty role can be extended if the graduation date changes. The department head will need to supply IDM with a new graduation date in an email to Identity Management (IDM).

IDM Affiliate ID/Access Request Process:

  1. An individual with AU login access (Submitter) will need to complete the Access Request Form.
    1. Ensure the Approver is a Department Head or above.
    2. If you are interested in the complete process, go to the Request Form Process.
  2. An email will be sent to the Approver (Department Head or above) notifying him/her of the request. The Approver can approve or reject request.
  3. When the Approver approves the request, an email is sent to IDM and the Submitter notifying them the request has been approved.
  4. IDM will enter the Banner ID and GID along with verifying that the GTA role has been set and approve the request. An email is sent to the Submitter with this information.
  5. Any questions, please call IDM at 334-844-4386.
Last Updated: Feb. 11, 2015