AU Faculty

The Identity Management (IDM) Office of Auburn University offers services to assist faculty in accessing AU resources. Identity Management issues both initial and replacement AU ID cards for faculty employees following data entry of HR information into the Auburn University Banner system. For early entry for newly hired for faculty please refer to this link: New Faculty – Early Entry.

Faculty approved by the Provost Office and processed by Human Resources may come to the Identity Management Office to obtain their AU ID card and credentials needed to access other AU resources.

It is recommended the faculty member call IDM (334-844-4386) to ensure IDM has all the necessary information needed to provide services to the faculty member.

 Recommended Procedures:  
  1. In order for the faculty member to obtain AU credentials (UserName, Banner ID number, and/or ID card) and ID card, they must first be approved by the Provost’s Office.  This approval can be verified by contacting the Identity Management (IDM) Office at 334-844-4386.
  2. It is highly recommended the faculty member call IDM at 334-844-4386 to ensure IDM has received approval prior to coming to the IDM Office. This will ensure there are no delays when they arrive at the IDM Office.
  3. AU Sponsored Foreign Nationals will need to first be cleared by the Office of International Education (OIE), Room 228, FOY Hall, prior to coming to the IDM Office.
  4. For Banner entry and an ID card, IDM requires a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID card, passport, etc.
  5. The Identity Management Office is located at 300 Lem Morrison Drive. (directions)
  6. The sponsoring department will need to collect the AU ID card and notify IDM when the individual departs Auburn University. Retirees, on the first day after their retirement date, will need to bring their current employee AU ID card to the IDM Office to receive their AU Retiree ID card. The department can call IDM at 334-844-4386 to make arrangements to transfer the ID card to IDM. Please do not send the AU ID card to IDM by campus mail.
  7. Any questions, please call IDM at 334-844-4386.



Last Updated: Mar. 16, 2011