AU Affiliate & Visiting Faculty

NEW The Access Request Form is now online.
*This form is in a secure area and requires authorized access
(Access Process Details and an overview presentation of the system are available for viewing.)

This is a joint online form used to request access from:
Identity Management, Access Control, Parking Services, and The Library

NOTE: Depending on whether the request is for a student, faculty, staff, or affiliate, you may not have options to make requests to Identity Management, Parking Services, or the Library. This form is NOT to be used for Foreign Nationals.

If you run into difficulty using the form above, please use the Affiliate Banner ID/Access Request Form and let knowabout the difficulties you encountered so that they can have them resolved before the old form is taken off line permanently.
(Request Form Process)
NOTE: This form is NOT to be used for students, faculty or Foreign Nationals.

Recommended Procedures:

  1. Affiliate faculty are individuals not paid by Auburn University nor an AU student, such as contract instructors, visiting instructors, visiting faculty, cooperating faculty, residents, interns, fellows, or visiting scholars.
  2. The Department Head of the Auburn University sponsoring department will need to send an email to notifying IDM the individual has been approved for access to AU credentials (UserName, Banner ID number, and/or ID card).  The email should be received prior to the arrival of the individual at the IDM Office.
  3. AU Sponsored Foreign Nationals will need to first be cleared by the Office of International Education (OIE), Room 228, FOY Hall prior to coming to the IDM Office.
  4. IDM will check the Provost log to ensure approval has been granted for the affiliate title.
  5. The individual should call IDM at 334-844-4386 to ensure IDM has received approval prior to coming to the IDM office to minimize any delays.
  6. For Banner entry and an ID card, IDM requires a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID card, passport, etc.
  7. The Identity Management Office is located at 300 Lem Morrison Drive. (directions)
  8. The AU sponsoring department will need to collect the AU ID card and notify IDM when the individual departs Auburn University. The department can call IDM at 334-844-4386 to make arrangements to transfer the ID card to IDM. Please do not send the AU ID card to IDM by campus mail.
  9. Any questions, please call IDM at 334-844-4386.


Last Updated: Mar. 16, 2011