How to Create an Outlook Profile

    Setting up an Outlook profile only requires that you know your email address and password. The 'autodiscover' wizard will automatically define the other account settings.

    Note: Most people need only one profile. However, it is possible and sometimes necessary to have more than one profile. For example, if other people use your computer, their accounts and settings can be kept in separate profiles that have different names.

  1. When you open Outlook, you should get the Choose Profile window shown below.

  2. Click the New button then use Outlook or Outlook2010 as the name for your new profile.
  3. In the Add New Account window, your Name and Email address should fill in automatically. Click Next.
  4. Click Finish when the configuration process completes.
  5. After clicking Finish, Choose Profile window will reappear.
  6. Click OK to enter Outlook 2010.


Last Updated: August 02, 2017