GroupWise to Exchange migration phases for users

Phase 1

  • You will need to make note of any resources or departmental accounts that you or your team use. You will need to send a list of those to us.
  • Your GroupWise Junk Mail and Trash folders will not be migrated into Exchange. If you have any items in those folders that you would like to keep, please move them to a different folder.
  • We will collect your GroupWise archive(s) for processing and turn off automatic archiving in GroupWise if it is being used. This means that you can no longer archive anything. If you do, it will NOT be migrated to Exchange!
  • We will run GW check on your GroupWise archive(s) so we will have statistics to compare to your M + archive once it is processed. This will help ensure that we get all of your GroupWise archive(s) into the M+ archive repository.
  • We can install Outlook and the M+ Archive Plugin if you like. If you would rather install them we can provide instructions. However, you will not be able to login to Exchange yet. We strongly suggest Outlook 2010, however 2007 will work. Previous versions will not work.
  • Phase 1 will last approximately one week depending on how long it takes us to collect your archives.

Phase 2

  • Your Exchange account is created.
  • Your entry in the email forwarder will be changed to point to your new Exchange account.
  • You will need to check your M+ archive to make sure all items have transferred from your GroupWise archive. You can do this through the Outlook M+Archive plugin folder or by logging in at
  • Do not clean up your Exchange account until the migration is over and your GroupWise account has been deleted.
  • If you already have Outlook installed you will need to create a new profile for your Exchange account. To do so:
    1. Go to Control Panel -> Mail -> Show Profiles and click the Add button.
    2. Give this Profile a name such as Outlook 2010. Click OK.
    3. Configure the email account by putting in your address and associated password. Auto-Discover will find the server, automatically connect and finish the process.
    4. Click Next and a window should pop up prompting you to login.
  • Phase 2 will last about one week
  • You should make note of any rules you have in GroupWise and recreate them in exchange where needed.
  • Make note of any proxy access you had granted in GroupWise and assign delegates as needed.

    ***IMPORTANT: You have a GroupWise account and an Exchange account during this phase. You MUST monitor both***.

Phase 3

  • Your GroupWise account will be deleted and all email will be delivered to your Exchange account.
  • Mobile devices will need to be reconfigured.

    • To remove GroupWise on an Android device go to Settings > Accounts and remove the account.
    • To add an Exchange account use the instructions found here:

    • Blackberry Enterprise Server users who migrate from GroupWise to Exchange will have to re-activate the Blackberry after a hard reset is done from the server. This reset will be done after your GroupWise account is deleted and you will be notified of an approximate time for that process. A hard reset will erase data saved to the phone itself (not the media card) as well as text messages, browser bookmarks, phone call logs and password keeper data. If you have a need to retain these items contact your IT Provider to assist with a desktop backup.
    • A user who has migrated from GroupWise BES to Exchange BES may need to redo the following:

      Icon order
      Font Size
      Hidden/Shown Icons
      Speed Dial Settings
      Desktop Background
      Time Zone

      If you do not see a third party application you previously had installed on the Blackberry Desktop after moving to Exchange BES check inside the Applications folder. Some third party applications will need to be re-registered and/or licensed.

    • To remove a GroupWise account from the iPhone go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and remove the account. To add an Exchange account use the instructions found here:
Your GroupWise account is no longer accessible. You will not be able to open your GroupWise archives.


Last Updated: June 15, 2011