Navigating in the M+Archive Folder

Exchange users should see a folder named M+Archive listed in the Navigation Pane of the main Outlook window. The following instructions provide some basic information on how to view messages stored in the archive.

What's in the M+Archive folder?
You will see two main items inside the folder:

  1. Exchange-Archive - this storage location holds email that has been moved to a network archive after you started using the new Exchange mail system.
  2. Archive-CAS-Repository - this storage location holds the email that was migrated from your local GroupWise archive into the new Exchange mail system.

Some points to remember:

  1. Both of these archives reside on a network server. This provides accessibility from any location that has Internet access.
  2. Messages in your inbox or related folders will be copied to the Exchange Archive automatically after 21 days.
  3. A message will be copied to the archive one time. If a message is in a personal folder within your Inbox before it is archived, it will be placed in the same folder in the archive. However, if you later move the message to a different place in your Inbox, it will not be reflected in the archive. The archived message remains in the original folder.
  4. Exchange puts a message in the archive one time & it cannot be moved or deleted or changed in any way after it is stored in the archive. Please be aware that messages in the archive are the property of Auburn University.

How can I see what is inside my two archive locations?

  1. Use the small triangles to the left of each archive folder to expand or collapse the subfolders and related mail items.

  2. Notice the page information across bottom right corner of the window. Use the arrows to navigate to the next group of messages..

  3. The most efficient means to search for messages in the archive is the Quick Search in the upper right corner. Enter a unique key word and press enter to search all folders within the archive for the related messages. You can also change the number of message displayed in the list of mail items.


Last Updated: August 23, 2016