General Information

eBill is a convenient, reliable and easy-to-use system for paying and managing your Student Financial Services (Bursar) bill online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. eBill has 128-bit encrypted security.

With eBill You Can:

  • View your bill online
  • View recent payment activity and history
  • Pay your bill online
  • Set-up multiple payment options, including e-check
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Authorize others to make payments

    For additional information or billing questions, please contact Student Financial Services at studentbilling@auburn.edu.

Common Topics

Where is eBill?

Students access eBill through the campus portal, AU Access.

    Log on to AU Access > click on the tiger i tab
    Tigeri Tab

    Click on the eBill logo. No additional login is required.


Authorized users access eBill at http://ebill.auburn.edu or from the AU home page - click on Students, then on "Money Matters" buttonat the bottom, then on "eBill (Student Billing)". Log in with your authorized user ID and password.


Can I have my bills mailed to me?

Effective July 2007, no billing statements will be printed or mailed for active students. When a new bill is available email notifications will be sent electronically from eBill to the student and any Authorized Users established by the student. Student bills will not be printed and mailed.

Help with eBill

If you need assistance using eBill, there are several resources available to you.

Features of eBill

eBill provides Auburn University students and their authorized users with secure access to online student financial services. Use eBill to view current due dates, account balances, and previous statements. Use eBill’s secure and flexible options to pay student fees online (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, electronic check) and to schedule recurring automatic payments.

  • Check your student bill
    View current due dates, account balances, and previous statements.

  • See recent activity
    View up-to-date charges and payments online, including previous balances, payments, adjustments, and new charges. You can view the information as soon as it's posted.

  • Pay your bill
    Secure and flexible payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, or electronic check, using stored payment profiles or pre-scheduled automatic payments.

  • Schedule automatic payments
    Use eBill to schedule recurring automatic payments or one-time payments. You can establish preset limits for recurring automatic payments as well.

  • Authorize others to make payments
    Make online statement and payment features available to those you authorize.

  • Security
    Your account information and transactions are secured and protected by 128-bit encryption.

Additional Information regarding changes to Auburn University student billing procedures:

  • The annual Student Financial Services billing schedule with due dates is available online at: http://www.auburn.edu/billing.
  • In accordance with the Auburn University student email policy, students are responsible for checking their AU email in a timely fashion and on a regular basis. Keep in mind that even if someone else is paying the Student Financial Services bill, the student is ultimately responsible for the charges. Please take steps to make eBill available to those who need access to make payments and see statements, like parents or grandparents.
  • eBill - it's convenient, reliable, and secure. For additional information, please contact the Student Financial Services Office at studentbilling@auburn.edu for billing questions or address technical questions to ebillhelp@auburn.edu

Who can access eBill?

All Auburn University students have access to eBill to view their own student billing account information. eBill is available through the campus portal, AU Access. Students can give others permission to access their eBill outside the campus portal by establishing them as Authorized Users.


How to log in to eBill

eBill is available through AU Access, the campus portal.

  1. Log in to AU Access with your username and password.

  2. Click on the tiger i tab Tigeri Tab

  3. Click on the eBill icon.

  4. No additional login is required.

Authorized Users:

NOTE: Your student must take steps to set you up as an authorized user. Once done, you will receive a welcome message from eBill which contains the password you will need to log on.

  1. Visit the Authorized User Login Page - also available from the AU home page > click on Students > click on eBill icon.

  2. Log in with your email address and the initial password provided in your eBill welcome message. If you have logged in before, you will use the password you selected upon first login instead.

    Authorized User Login

  3. Click once on the Login Now button.

How to establish an authorized user

Authorized users can view your account and pay your bills. They can schedule and automate payments. You can add and remove authorized users. You can see payments scheduled to your account by authorized users but to protect the privacy of all users, you can't see each other's bank account information.

  1. Log in to eBill via AU Access
  2. Click on Authorized Users.

    Click Authorized User

  3. Click the Add an Authorized User button.

    Click Add

  4. Enter the Authorized User's email address:

    Email Address of Authorized User

  5. Choose if you would like this Authorized User to view your billing statement or payment history.

    Choose Options

  6. Click the Add User button to complete the process.

    Add Authorized Users

  7. The authorized user you have specified will receive an email notification which contains initial eBill password and log in instructions. They will receive an email notification (at the email address you specified) each time a new eBill is available. That is the same email address they will use to log in to eBill.

  8. To remove an Authorized User, click the Delete link to the right of their name. To make changes in the Authorized User's email address or access options, click the Update link.

    Add Authorized Users

How to change your authorized user password

  1. Log in to eBill using your current email address and password.
  2. Click on My Profiles.

    Click My Profiles
  3. Click on Change Password.
  4. Enter the requested information and click on "Save."

    Password Change
  5. You will use your new password for all subsequent logins to eBill.

Payments How-To

How to set up an automatic payment

Setting up an automatic recurring payment in eBill, changing an automatic payment, or deleting an automatic payment.

  1. Log in to eBill (as a student or as an authorized guest user).
  2. On the My Account page, click on the Pay button.

  3. Select the desired payment method and click on the Pay button. (See "How to add or remove a payment type")
  4. Click on Advanced Options.

    Advanced Options
  5. In the "Automate Payments for this Account" box, enter the requested data, and click on Continue.

  6. Click on Submit Payment to confirm the automatic payment. Keep in mind that this automatic payment takes effect with your NEXT bill. Your screen will display this message:


How to delete or edit an automatic payment

  1. From the My Account page, click on Automatic Payments.

  2. To change: Select the payment and click on Zoom Change the desired information and click on Save Changes.
  3. To delete: Select the payment to be deleted and click on Delete You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Click OK.

    Change Autopay

How to add or remove a payment type

Guests (like parents or grandparents) can make payments to student Bursar bills online. To make a payment, this option requires that the guest know the student's Social Security number and birthday.

Guest Payment web site

  1. From the AU home page at www.auburn.edu, click on Students.
  2. Under "Frequently Used Resources", click on the eBill icon.

  3. Under "Bursar Payment Options," click on the icon beside Parent/Guest/Grandparent Payment Option.

    Guest Icon
  4. Enter your student's ID (which is their Social Security number with no spaces or dashes) and their birth date (MMDDYY). Click the "Verify Student ID and Birth Date" button.

    Guest Payment Login
  5. If the system has identified the correct student, select the desired payment term, and click on the "Credit Card Payment" button.
  6. Enter your Mastercard or Visa information and click once on the Submit button.

    Guest CC Pay

    Note: Issues regarding TigerCub Billing should be addressed to: tigercard@auburn.edu.


I get a blank white page in eBill

  1. Make sure your browser is Internet Explorer (6+), Netscape (7+), Safari (2+), or Firefox.
  2. Clear SSL State
  3. Clear Cache (Temporary Internet Files)
    At this point please check eBill to see if your issue is resolved. If not, please continue checking eBill again after each step. If you need further assistance please contact the OIT HelpDesk, 844-4944.
  4. Clear Cookies (Ensure Set To Accept Cookies)
  5. Clear Certificates
  6. Enable Javascript
  7. Remove Spyware
    1. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel
    2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs
    3. In the listing displayed, look for one of the following applications:
      • Commonname
      • Bearshare
      • Gator
      • NetZip
      • Download Demon
      • RealDownload
      • iMesh
      • newdotnew
      • Quick View Plus
      • Pop-up blockers
    4. If you see any of these items, highlight it with your mouse and click the Remove button.
    5. Reboot
    6. Install/Run an Anti-Spyware Program.
  8. Advanced Browser Settings
    • Review your Logon settings to ensure they are correct.
      1. From Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options.
      2. Click the Security tab.
      3. Click the Custom Level button.
      4. Scroll down to User Authentication Logon options.
      5. Select Prompt for username and password.
      6. Click OK.
      7. Click Yes.
      8. Click OK.
  9. Re-register the JavaScript DLL file on a Windows PC
    • Go to: %SYSTEMROOT%\system32
    • Find the file: jscript.dll
    • Right-click the file and select Open With.
    • Choose Select the program from a list and click OK.
    • Choose Microsoft Register Server and click OK.

      If the Microsoft Register Server is not listed click Browse…

      1. Go to: %SYSTEMROOT%\system32
      2. Find regsvr32.exe and click Open.
      3. You should get a box displaying a succeeded message. Click OK.
      4. You may need to restart IE and/or your PC for the changes to take effect.

If you are still having trouble viewing TigerMail, please contact the OIT HelpDesk and they will assist you in targeting the setting changes that you will need to make.

OIT HelpDesk
(334) 844-4944

I forgot my PIN

You will have to contact the Registrar's Office in Martin Hall to get another PIN. For security reasons, PINs cannot be reset via phone or email.

I forgot my authorized user password

  1. Make sure that your email address has been entered in the Email Address field.

    Enter email Address
  2. Click the View my Password Hint link.

    Forgot Password
  3. If you prefer, you can also enter your email address and have your actual password send to the email account associated with your Authorized User account. You can do this by clicking the Email my Password link.

Note: If you have not established a password hint and do not remember your eBill password, you will need to ask your student to delete you as an authorized user and add you again. This will generate a new welcome email message from eBill. This message will contain a new initial password.

Payments Troubleshooting

I made a payment but the amount due hasn't changed in eBill

You should receive an email confirmation for all payments. Additionally, you can confirm a payment by clicking on Payments > Payment History from the eBill menu.

Payment History

The Statement Amount displayed on the first page of eBill will not change when you make a payment. This display is a summary of your current billing statement.

Payment History, on the other hand, reflects payments in real time. This information should be updated immediately if the payment is made through eBill by 10:00 PM. Payments made after 10:00 PM will be reflected in your Payment History on the following business day.

Feel free to contact the Bursar's Office directly at bursar@auburn.edu if additional verification is needed.

How can I make an online payment if I am not an authorized eBill user?

You don't have to log in to eBill to make an online Bursar payment. You can use the Parent/Guest/Grandparent payment option to make a Visa or Mastercard payment if you know your student's Social Security number and birthday. This option does not allow you to view the Bursar account summary, amount due, or other student information.

Payments to the Bursar's Office can also be made by mail, in person, or by phone. Visit the Bursar's site at www.auburn.edu/bursar for more information.

How can I become an authorized user?

Your student can add you as an authorized user. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email message from eBill which contains your ID and initial password for login.

It doesn't look like my payment went through. How can I confirm?

You will receive an email confirmation for payments made through eBill.

Confirm payment by viewing Payment History in eBill. Payment History will be updated immediately if the payment is made through eBill by 10 pm. Payments made after 10 pm will be reflected in your Payment History on the following business day.

Payment History

Feel free to contact the Bursar's Office directly at bursar@auburn.edu if additional verification is needed.

I accidentally made a duplicate payment

You can contact the Bursar's Office at bursar@auburn.edu or (334) 844-4634 to request that the second payment be stopped.

The online payment verification process may take a few moments. Only click the Submit button once to avoid duplicate payments.

I can't find my previously saved credit card in the payment options

Your credit card on file has expired. Check the "payment profile" option to update or edit the saved credit card payment method.

  1. Log in to eBill as an authorized user.
  2. Click on "My Profiles."
  3. Click on "Payment Profiles" (located near top of page).
  4. Under "My Payment Methods" locate the desired credit card.
  5. Under "Action," click on Edit.
  6. Update the desired information.
  7. Click on Save.
Last Updated: December 02, 2016