Cellular Service

Cellular Service

Cellular and Push to Talk services are available to the University community through Verizon Wireless and SouthernLinc. Departmental Cellular orders may be placed through the Departmental Order request page.

Push to Talk orders may be placed by contacting oitcell@auburn.edu.

Verizon mobile requests are electronically routed via email as outlined below:

  1. Submitted forms are routed to the employee.
  2. The employee must click the "agreement form" link in the email agreeing to the University policy and procedure before the request is routed to the DH/Dean/Director.
  3. Once employee 'agreement' is approved the form will route to the DH/Dean/Director for approval.
  4. DH/Dean/Director must approve/reject the request by Using the Open this task button in Outlook or by clicking on task form.
  5. Approved requests are forwarded to OIT Cellular for processing.

NOTE: All old devices, regardless of condition, must be returned to OIT Cellular upon receipt of new devices. OIT Cellular is located in the Office Information Technology Building, 300 Lem Morrison Drive.  Prior to returning the device to OIT Cellular please reset to factory settings to ensure all personal data is removed.

Apple Device

Samsung Device

Motorola Droid

Other Devices – contact oitcell@auburn.edu

Verizon Wireless offers special discount pricing to Auburn University employees and students. For SouthernLinc's special discount pricing to Auburn University employees and students, contact Cathy Davis at (334) 850-7218 or catdavis@southernco.com.

If you have questions or comments, please email oitcell@auburn.edu.

Last Updated: September 28, 2017