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Alex Myrick

Sophomore, Department of Biological Sciences
College of Sciences and Mathematics

A sophomore from Double Springs, Ala., Alex Myrick works part time as a student caller for the Office of Development's Auburn Fund Phonathon program. He is one of 60 student callers each semester who reach out to alumni and friends to raise money on behalf of Auburn's colleges and schools, the Auburn University Bands, Auburn Montgomery, the Auburn University Libraries, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, the Office of Student Affairs, and more. Auburn's student callers contact 1,000 to 1,400 alumni on average each week. Collectively, phonathon students raise $1.2 million or more annually.

In addition to his work with the Auburn Fund, Myrick is a member of Auburn's marching band, campus band and pep band, playing at all basketball games, some volleyball games and at the Capital City Classic in Montgomery. A recipient of both an Auburn Founder's Scholarship and a Pep Band Scholarship, Myrick is a zoology major in the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

1. How do you find time to successfully balance school, your job and your extracurricular activities?

It's hard to do and I don't always do as well as I should, but I've always been good at time management. I have to keep a planner – it's a lifesaver! And I try to take a lighter class load in the fall since that is my busiest time with band. Having a job while in college is pretty difficult, but good time management is key. And working as a student caller is perfect because it fits so well with my schedule. It is the best job I could have in college.

2. What is your favorite part of your job as a student caller for the Auburn Fund?

I love talking with alumni and hearing their stories about their time at Auburn. Some haven't been back to campus in years, but they still talk about how much they love Auburn and often tell me that their time at Auburn were the best years of their lives. Some of my favorite alumni to talk to are the World War II veterans. They have such great stories to share! It reminds me of talking with my grandfather. And it is fun to hear how Auburn has changed over the years. I also love talking with COSAM alumni and band alumni since I can tell them how their support is having a very direct and personal impact for me.

Once I called a man who told me up front that he wasn't going to give, but we talked for 45 minutes or so all about Auburn and our individual Auburn experiences and he ended up giving a gift. I'm proud that I get to raise money for the school that I love! It really feels good that I can do something to help the university directly.

3. What have you learned as a result of your position as a student caller?

I didn't realize the importance of private funds to the university until I started working for the phonathon. Like most students, I used to think that tuition and state money covered everything, but now I know how crucial private support is. Auburn couldn't function without it! I try to stress to alumni I call that every little bit helps and truly makes a difference! I came to Auburn on a scholarship, which is enabling me to pursue my degree and ultimately get a job doing something I love for the rest of my life. I can't wait to be able to pay that forward. I'll be so excited to get my first call as an alum and be able to do my part to support Auburn!

4. What are your long-term career goals?

I've always wanted to study animal science and I'm majoring in zoology. I want to spend my life researching and working with animals. I'd love a career like Steve Irwin – traveling the world and working with all different types of animals.

5. What is your favorite Auburn tradition and why?

I absolutely love all the pregame festivities for football games! I love watching the eagle fly every time and performing our pregame show with the band. All the hype is so much fun!

Nov. 19, 2012