Jeremy Clark

Senior, Interior Design
College of Human Sciences

Jeremy Clark, a Huntsville native, is majoring in interior design in the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences in the College of Human Sciences. He will be the president of the Auburn student chapter for the American Society of Interior Designers for 2016-2017. As president-elect for 2015-2016, he organized a delegation of Auburn students to attend the American Society of Interior Designers' 2016 National Student Summit in Savannah, Georgia. Auburn's chapter was recognized for having more portfolio entries than any other chapter, beating Florida State University, Indiana University and conference host, the Savannah College of Art and Design. Clark was recently recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers as its Student Chapter Leader of the Year. He spent last summer interning at the Johnson Studio in Atlanta and this summer will be participating in the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program.

1. How did you decide to study interior design at Auburn University?

My decision to study interior design at Auburn wasn't one that had been anticipated. I toured various colleges – private, public, small, large – searching for the design atmosphere that I found most conducive, productive and industry-leading. Unexpectedly, my criteria was met and exceeded at Auburn. Because the program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, has competitive admittance and a job placement rate well above competing programs, I knew I found my niche in Spidle Hall.

2. How did you get to be the lone Auburn student on the Student Advisory Council for the American Society of Interior Designers?

The Student Advisory Council for American Society of Interior Designers is a prestigious honor that I hold as one of my proudest professional achievements. However, if it wasn't for the faculty in our program, my influence within this leading group of practitioners couldn't have come to fruition. Amanda Gale, a former assistant professor, submitted my name to ASID National Education and Engagement for candidacy. Serving on the Student Advisory Council has afforded me opportunities including, a Presidents' Forum in Los Angeles and an active role in planning ASID National's LAUNCH: Student Summit. Ultimately, it is Auburn University's wide-ranging industry connections that allowed me to be considered for the position.

3. You are president of the Auburn chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers and recently organized a group of students to attend ASID's National Student Summit in Savannah. Talk about that experience and what it meant for Auburn to be there.

I reached out to various sponsors and the ASID Alabama Chapter generously offered to sponsor 13 students from our chapter to attend a national student summit of more than 300 attendees. I had tremendous pride when I learned that Auburn's attendance was one of the highest, second only to the host-school, the Savannah College of Art and Design. LAUNCH: The Student Summit is a reinvigorated piece of student programming that ASID National has introduced for all students currently enrolled in higher education. The three-day conference featured a portfolio contest (of which Auburn had the highest number of entries) with the grand prize being an internship at Gensler, a giant within the industry. In addition, keynote speakers who are leading innovation in our field are highlighted as they share their knowledge, work and personal insight during a volunteer-led question and answer forum. It was outstanding for Auburn to hold such a large presence at this event.

4. What is your favorite Auburn memory, so far?

Callouts. Hands down.

As nerve-wracking as it is to stand in front of Cater Hall with the uncertainty of hearing your name or not, something about the recognition for those selected to their desired organization, or the ease of anonymity of those who weren't selected, but still desire to be supportive and cheer, is a humble spirit that I appreciate Auburn for enabling. I've been on both ends of the spectrum, and I still remain steadfast in my opinion that callouts remain a true Auburn University memory that I will always treasure.

5. What would you like to do after you graduate?

I strive to pursue a career enveloping design, food and community. I find tremendous joy in designing hospitality spaces. Not only do I find fulfillment in creating spaces in order to provide for the well-being of patrons, but finding the intersection of cuisine and communal experiences is exciting.

Upon graduation, I intend to apply to firms specifically focused upon the hospitality sector. I am an avid learner and hope to gain as much knowledge while within that firm. Specific to restaurant interiors, I hope to involve my hand in chef-driven, local outposts, destinations that can act as a cultural heartbeat for the surrounding community and its design core. While a junior/associate designer, I am ambitious in hoping that I will earn these kinds of independent, intriguing projects. Following my work within the umbrella of a corporation, it is my wildest dream to own my own company. Not simply a studio focusing on interiors specifically, but a company with a control of all the creative – interiors, branding and conceptualizing hospitality destinations for all interested.

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