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Grace Ann Hollis

Master of Accountancy student
College of Business

Grace Ann Hollis is a master's student in the School of Accountancy and a 2012 Auburn graduate with a bachelor's degree in accountancy. In addition to her graduate studies, Hollis is also the Martin Fellow in the Office of Development, where she works with the Graduate School and the Honors College. She has interned with accounting firm Ernst & Young in Birmingham and London's BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corp. As an undergraduate student at Auburn in 2009, Hollis established the Auburn chapter of the International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that aids victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. A native of Birmingham, she was also president of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and a member of the Mortar Board Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa and the Cater Society, an honorary group of 15 senior women recognized for their leadership qualities and contributions to Auburn.

1. Why did you decide to come back to Auburn for graduate school?

The Auburn Master of Accountancy Program, or MAC, is known for having an exceptional program and producing high CPA pass rates, but above all I could not imagine going anywhere else. The Auburn MAC program is unbeatable! The faculty believes in their students, and they inspire us to be excellent. I owe a lot of my success as a young professional to the faculty of the Auburn School of Accountancy.

2. You work in the Office of Development as the Martin Fellow. What do you do in this role?

I am honored to serve the Graduate School and Honors College Offices of Development as the Martin Fellow. As a result, I have the opportunity to be an advocate across campus for graduate fellowships and the impact they can have on a student's life. I have the privilege of working under the leadership of Hank Galbreath, within Special Projects of the Office of Development. I spend a majority of my time working on projects that benefit the Honors College and Graduate School. My goal is to truly engage our donors and potential donors so that they can see the impact that their gifts can have on the students of Auburn University. By working with the Office of Development, I have also been able to see first-hand the impact that student giving can have on Auburn's campus; and as a young alumnus, it is my goal to inspire them to also begin their giving at a young age. I have been so blessed to be named the Martin Fellow, and I would love nothing more than to eventually be able to support a graduate student in the same capacity.

3. Why did you decide to become involved with the International Justice Mission and establish an Auburn chapter in 2009?

The purpose of the International Justice Mission, or IJM, tugged at my heart when I found out that there are 27 million modern day slaves in the world today. The vision of IJM is, "To rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible. " I could not help but think that it is only by God's grace that I am not personally a victim of modern day slavery. I felt compelled to start a chapter of IJM and give the rest of Auburn's students an opportunity to share in this passion with me and make a difference in the lives of millions. To learn more about IJM and its mission, visit the website.

4. In what ways does the Auburn chapter of the International Justice Mission contribute to the organization's mission?

Auburn's chapter of International Justice Mission raises awareness about the 27 million slaves in the world today and raises funds in order to support IJM's efforts to free the bonded men and women. Auburn students are joining with IJM to prove that justice for the poor is possible! This year, Auburn IJM participated in the Stand for Freedom movement where students stood for 27 consecutive hours gaining awareness about the 27 million slaves, encouraging other students to join in the fight against slavery, and raising money to support the work of IJM.

5. When you are not working or studying, what are some of your favorite things to do around Auburn?

You'll often see me on walks around campus, either with friends or by myself. I could walk with friends for hours catching up and discussing whatever is going on in our lives at the time. Some of the best memories I have from college are these walks through Auburn. There is something so calming about walking around this beautiful campus. When I am overwhelmed with my studies, there is no substitute for a peaceful walk through campus to gather my thoughts. It always reminds me that I am a part of something bigger than myself.

July 8, 2013