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Benjamin Hoefling

Senior, marketing
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

Benjamin Hoefling grew up in Montgomery, Ala., and says he was exposed to and fell in love with music early on. Upon coming to Auburn, Hoefling began writing songs and using his talents in both professional and philanthropic efforts. This semester, the senior majoring in marketing won a contest to be the sole student speaker at the inaugural "This is Auburn." Speaker Series on Feb. 27. Hoefling will speak about the triumphs and tribulations he has experienced that molded him into the individual he is today.

1. What is your favorite Auburn tradition or memory?

I'd have to say that my favorite Auburn memory would involve the tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner. After the SEC Championship in 2010 (my freshman year), a couple of friends and I led cheers for over an hour. It was a night I'll never forget.

2. What do you hope students will gain from hearing you speak at the "This is Auburn." Speaker Series?

I hope students will realize they have received God-given gifts and passions for a specific reason. I hope my talk will inspire them to discover that they will most greatly succeed in their lives by deliberately using their passions and gifts to the best of their ability, rather than just floating through their days haphazardly following the flow of life and taking the easy way out, as many people unfortunately do.

3. When did you decide to play the guitar?

I began playing guitar at the age of 11. I told my parents I wanted to begin to take guitar lessons because "the chicks dig it." It hasn't really gotten me many girls, but I have fallen in love with playing ever since.

4. How has music allowed you to find your passion for giving back to the community?

Music has opened up many opportunities, especially in the area of fundraising, that have allowed me to be a part of several events to help various people in need. For example, I was able to lead an event here in the Auburn area where seven other artists and I were able to play a show (the thing we all love to do). We were able to raise money for a lady who was unable to pay her rent due to a sickness she had been recently diagnosed with.

5. What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate in May, I will move home for a couple months, and then in July I will embark on a yearlong music tour from north Maine to south Florida. The kicker is the mode of transportation: backpacking.

Feb. 24, 2014