Auburn Spotlight, Tim Spicer ‘12

"I loved working with children with special needs, but by the time I graduated from Auburn, I knew that my career path involved connecting with and helping others through music"
Tim Spicer ‘12
Spicer’s Music

Spotlight Interview

Visitors feel welcomed as soon as they step into Spicer's Music. The warm, antique accents, comfortable seating and polished instruments create an inviting space for music students and experts alike.

However, what makes the store on East University Drive in Auburn a place people return to time after time is not its physical appearance. Lifelong resident Tim Spicer '12 and his family give their store heart and focus on creating a unifying space for the Auburn community.

Spicer's love for music began when he was a little boy perched on top of his father's shoulders as he played bass guitar in local bands. Spicer began guitar lessons at age 8 and served as the worship leader for his youth group in high school. The idea to open a music store grew from the family's rock music camp they held in their home studio when Spicer was a senior in high school.

A variety of camps were added after the success of the first, and Spicer taught lessons and worked at a music store throughout college. He graduated with a bachelor's in special education from Auburn.

"I loved working with children with special needs, but by the time I graduated from Auburn, I knew that my career path involved connecting with and helping others through music,” Spicer said.

Through the work of the entire Spicer family, Spicer's Music opened its doors on Dec. 1, 2012. The family saw a need for a "different kind of music store” that would build on the success of their music camps and incorporate a retail business.

"We envisioned a business that would be a positive force in the community, with a focus on supporting young musicians, increasing live music opportunities for all ages and offering a wide range of quality instruments for sale,” Spicer said.

The business offers an expansive selection of instruments to purchase, lessons, live music events, open mic nights and summer camps for musicians of all ages and abilities. The main purpose of the store is to touch lives and unite the community.

"We believe that music connects people across age, racial, religious and language boundaries,” he said. "We have seen shy children make lifelong friends; helped youth create a future career path in a musical field; supported important community organizations; and provided a safe place for musicians to gather and gain support.”

In 2016, the business was awarded the "Best of Small Business” by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and the "Emerging Small Business of the Year” by the Business Council of Alabama.

Spicer said the store's success in its first five years of business was "more than we could have ever imagined.” He said the team's desire is to make Auburn a center for music in the Southeast where musicians can find venues for sharing their craft.

His background in special education has prepared him for the stores in unexpected ways.

"I learned countless lessons that helped me develop a business plan,” he said. "I acquired a lot of tools while majoring in special education that have helped me relate to people of all walks of life. I am incredibly thankful for my time spent at Auburn.”

While his passion is music, Spicer said his favorite part of the job is the people.

"I get to spend each day seeing the joy that music brings to the lives of others,” he said. "I am blessed to work with an incredible team, work beside my supportive family and own a business in such an encouraging community. God is good!”

Spicer's Music LLC is located at Suite K, 2140 E. University Drive. For more information, visit the store's website.