Auburn Spotlight, Spencer Dulac

"I want to inspire other Auburn students to go after their dreams."
Spencer Dulac
Senior, Professional Flight Management

Spotlight Interview

Auburn student Spencer Dulac is flying high as Auburn's first Delta Air Lines Flight Operations intern in ten years. The senior professional flight management major accepted the position last fall and is currently serving as an intern for Delta.

Working in the Department of Flight Operations as a flight operations intern, Dulac is responsible for daily administrative duties such as processing management pilot applications and Cockpit Access Security System, commonly known as CASS, jump seat approval letters, performing quality assurance of charter operations and assisting with organization of training classes for pilot development.

Dulac is responsible for conducting the simulator and Delta campus tours for students, charities and high value customers. He is gaining an experience of a lifetime, being able to participate in projects that expose him to a range of airline operations within Delta, including communications, flight safety and labor relations.

"The Delta Air Lines flight operations internship is an amazing opportunity to join the Delta family and to learn how the airline operates from the inside," said Dulac. “I have learned valuable resources toward making me a better pilot. I am very grateful for this opportunity."

Attracted to Auburn’s excellent aviation program, Dulac joined the Auburn Family in 2014. Over the past three years, he has held numerous leadership roles including treasurer of the War Eagle Flying Team, vice president of the Women in Aviation, War Eagle Chapter and student recruiter for Auburn’s Aviation Center Striped Wings.

Dulac said he owes his success to his mentor and inspiration to Capt. Carl Thompson, a retired Delta Air Lines captain and an aviation and supply chain management professor at Auburn University.

“His outlook on life along with industry experience has really taught me a lot,” said Dulac. “He really mentored me with the internship and taught me so much about the industry. I don’t think I would be where I am today without him.”

With Thompson’s encouragement, Dulac applied for the position. His passion for aviation and business helped him land the opportunity with Delta.

Dulac said he wants his success to leave an impression on his peers at Auburn, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

“I want to inspire other Auburn students to go after their dreams and not let anyone dictate how far you can go.”

As Dulac approaches graduation in December he hopes to gain the hands-on experience he will need for his future career. He hopes this opportunity with Delta will open doors for a full time position as a pilot.