Auburn Spotlight, Sadie Argo

"Find out what you are passionate about. Once you find that passion, you will be able to make a difference by doing something you love. "
Sadie Argo
Miss Homecoming

Spotlight Interview

Sadie Argo, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, is a senior double-majoring in psychology and Spanish. She was voted Miss Homecoming. 

What does the title of Miss Homecoming mean to you? 

It is such an honor to be Miss Homecoming, and it is still surreal! I am able to represent Auburn in a new way that allows me to improve the Auburn community. Sharing my heart for my platform was an incredible experience, and I am thankful to continue this opportunity to elevate Auburn University and the community. It is really meaningful to give back to the Auburn Family that has given so much to me.

How will your platform benefit the Auburn community during your time as Miss Homecoming?

My platform for Miss Homecoming is related to Project Uplift, which is a mentoring program that impacts students at Auburn University and children in the Auburn community. Mentoring programs such as Project Uplift are proven to help children academically, socially and behaviorally. They also help lower the juvenile delinquency rate. My goal was to increase the amount of volunteers in Project Uplift, and, in addition, create a scholarship for the children who have gone through the Project Uplift program. Since the mentoring program ends once they turn 12, this scholarship would continue the impact and incentivize them once they are out of the program to excel in academics and behavior. Additionally, there are many benefits to being a mentor: Students can gain experience that can be used in the workforce or in a family, experience personal growth and improve the quality of life in their community. We were able to accomplish both of these goals during my campaign as we more than doubled our fundraising goal and had over 90 students sign up to be mentors.

What are your plans for the future?

First, I plan on continuing to increase the amount of mentors involved in Project Uplift. The number of children on the waiting list to receive a mentor is slowly but surely decreasing. I will be reaching out to more people about being a mentor and the benefits therein. I will also continue to raise money for the scholarships for children who have been through the Project Uplift program. The more donations we receive, the greater the number of children will achieve their goal of attending Auburn University one day.

Do your career goals correlate with your platform?

Yes, my dream job is to be an elementary school guidance counselor, so I will have to attend graduate school. I have always loved children, so mentoring two children in college has been incredible. Being a mentor has also provided experience for my future in learning how to handle tough situations, confront issues and better care for others.

How did you know Auburn was the right place for you?

Originally, I was going to the University of Georgia until April of my senior year in high school. I grew up a Georgia fan because my dad and sister both attended UGA, and, even though I lived close to Auburn, I went to Athens more than I came here. However, when I decided on UGA, I did not have a peace about it. I prayed and asked for clarity since I had always planned on attending UGA. I realized that my plan was not the Lord’s plan, so that is how I landed on Auburn. It was something different for my family even though it was only 45 minutes away. When I toured Auburn, I could feel a sense of community, and the Lord put an overwhelming peace on my heart that this was the right place for me.

How has your campus involvement helped you to become Miss Homecoming?

My campus involvement has allowed me to see different sides of Auburn’s campus so that I could discern which side could benefit from improvement the most. From being my sorority president, to leading in honor societies, to placing in a public speaking competition and finally to serving as a project uplift mentor, these experiences have shaped my path to Miss Homecoming. With presidency, I have learned to make tough, right decisions, and, for honor societies, I have held myself scholastically accountable. In addition, with the public speaking competition, it prepared me for the speaking roles involved with Miss Homecoming. Most importantly, though, being a Project Uplift mentor was the inspiration behind my whole platform. I saw an area that could benefit from assistance, and that is how my platform developed. Project Uplift just happened to be something I am extremely passionate about, so what a great way to help out this organization that is helping so many others.

Do you have any advice you would give to incoming freshmen?

Cherish every moment here at Auburn, and find out what you are passionate about. Once you find that passion, you will be able to make a difference by doing something you love.