Auburn Spotlight, Laura Davenport

"To me, service is done from a place for love. My love language is acts of service, so what better way to express my love than to serve Auburn to the fullest capacity."
Laura Davenport
Miss Auburn

Spotlight Interview

Laura Davenport has been an Auburn fan for as long as she can remember. As a child, she dressed up as Aubie each year for Halloween and routinely attended Auburn games with her family. Her dad is an Auburn graduate, so when it came time to decide where to attend college, Auburn was a clear choice.

“I didn’t apply to anywhere but Auburn and I wouldn't have it any other way,” said Davenport, a junior.

Now, Davenport is Miss Auburn – a title that interested her because of her love for Auburn and the opportunities it would give her to serve the university she loves.

“To me, service is done from a place for love,” she said. “My love language is acts of service, so what better way to express my love than to serve Auburn to the fullest capacity."

Davenport has previously served the university as a Camp War Eagle counselor, a volunteer with Campus Kitchens and on her sorority’s executive board.

When Davenport was named a top five candidate for Miss Auburn, she and the other candidates ran on platforms based on lines of the Auburn Creed.

“When it came to deciding on a line from the creed for my platform, I found myself constantly reflecting on the people I’ve met during my time at Auburn University because my experiences here, both big and small, have always been shaped by the people that were part of them,” said Davenport.

She chose the line from the creed that reads “I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.”

“I’ve chosen this line because of its importance when applied to how we interact with others. Pushing ourselves to be vulnerable and honest with those around us will cultivate closer relationships,” she said.

As Miss Auburn, Davenport said she hopes to make this position more accessible for students at Auburn.

“I want students to actively see Miss Auburn step up and reach out to all kinds of different organizations around campus,” said Davenport. She also hopes to bring awareness to and emphasize the importance of the daily interactions with those around campus.

“I hope to show people that I am only human through this process and remind them that it's okay to not always be okay,” said Davenport “Sometimes we look at people and positions of leadership and assume they have their life figured out when in reality we are all in the same boat, just taking it one day at a time.”