Auburn Spotlight, Kathryn Kennedy

"I think Miss Auburn is an amazing opportunity to hear about the efforts of our faculty and administrators to make Auburn the incredible institution that it is today."
Kathryn Kennedy
Miss Auburn

Spotlight Interview

Kathryn Kennedy never dreamed that she would hold the position of Miss Auburn, Auburn University’s official hostess. However, on the evening of Feb. 6, that is exactly what she became.

“I always thought that the Miss Auburn role was a great opportunity, but I never pictured myself doing it,” said Kennedy. “I was so humbled to be nominated in the first place, I’m still just trying to process the love and support that I have felt through the nomination and campaign process.”

Kennedy, a junior studying biomedical sciences, and four other candidates campaigned for the Miss Auburn title during the week of Jan. 31 through Feb. 6.

“The whole week was a whirlwind of emotions,” said Kennedy. “I didn’t know how many people would rally behind me and support me. The other girls that ran were so amazing and qualified. I am so grateful for the chance to share my passion for this university and serve Auburn to the very best of my ability.”

The Birmingham, Alabama, native grew up knowing that Auburn was the only school for her. After all, her father was an alum and her older sister was thriving on the Plains as a student. As a freshman, Kennedy immediately got involved in some of the many organizations that Auburn has to offer. She was a part of the Freshman Leadership Development program, which led her to continue serving in Auburn’s Student Government Association beyond her freshman year.

Kennedy believes that her involvement as a Camp War Eagle Parent Counselor prepared her well for the Miss Auburn role.

“A big part of Miss Auburn’s role is to serve administrators, faculty and alumni,” said Kennedy. “I think that being a Camp War Eagle parent counselor helped shape me for that because it taught me how to not only communicate with fellow students, but also with alumni and other adults.”

Kennedy is especially looking forward to serving the university as an honorary War Eagle Girl, but also desires to connect all aspects of the Auburn Family to each other and improve the university through her service.

“I am excited to serve alumni and administrators and see how they view Auburn,” said Kennedy. “I think this is an amazing opportunity to hear about the efforts of our faculty and administrators to make Auburn the incredible institution that it is today. I can’t wait to hear about the passion behind the scenes that students do not often get to encounter.”

Kennedy believes in the human touch, a part of the line of the Auburn creed that she used during her campaign, because she believes that the human touch can truly impact and change lives.

“Each person wants to feel valued and loved,” said Kennedy. “I believe that it is important to recognize the impact we can have on the lives around us. When people live that line out, they create the environment that we know as the Auburn Family. That’s the spirit that I want to bring to the role of Miss Auburn.”

Kennedy wants to express to the students of Auburn University that she desires Miss Auburn to be accessible to all.

“Although I have specific duties, I want to be accessible,” said Kennedy. “I want people to realize that I’m a student just like everyone else. I am so humbled with this opportunity. I am so grateful that the university chose me and the students trust me to represent them well.”