Auburn Spotlight, Jacqueline Keck

“It’s a really cool time to see women at Auburn being celebrated and to reflect on how far women have come.”
Jacqueline Keck
SGA President

Spotlight Interview

Student Government Association President Jacqueline Keck’s love for Auburn began while driving down Magnolia Street. A soon-to-be senior in high school, Keck was encouraged by friends to look at Auburn after being told, “You’re just an Auburn girl.”

Now a junior majoring in economics with a minor in marketing, Keck represents the men and women of Auburn as the third female SGA president in Auburn University history.

This year also marks the 125 years of Auburn women.

“Their hard work and vision has allowed women to stand on the platform we have today,” said Keck. “It’s a really cool time to see women at Auburn being celebrated and to reflect on how far women have come.”

Keck’s passion to help others and improve student life led her to run for SGA president. Her experiences in other campus involvement and relationships with administrators and colleagues allowed Keck to effectively connect with the academic community.

Her SGA campaign, “We Can with Keck,” was an inclusive and dynamic campaign that resonated with the student body. By simply using the word “we,” Keck said she was able to create a community driven approach in helping improve student life and ensure success.

“My favorite part of the campaign process was seeing how willing people were to sacrifice for me. It was truly humbling,” said Keck. “When we went into the runoff, I realized that the campaign process wasn’t about me, it was about the people who spoke and stood for me. Seeing the impact that people who stood on common ground could have was really cool.”

From improving student life, revamping campus dining, enhancing gameday experiences, improving academics as well as promoting diversity and inclusion in the university, Keck has innovative ideas that can leave an impact on Auburn’s campus.

“I felt as though being SGA president was the best way for me to leave Auburn better than I found it,” said Keck.

As a freshman, Keck found inspiration in her close friend, Catherine Street. Through their social sorority and a mutual friend, Keck and Street met for interview practice and their friendship blossomed. They continued to meet once a week for lunch to talk about life, the transitions of college and future hopes and dreams.

“In all of those conversations, Catherine asked me thoughtful questions that made me think through what it was I was doing and saying and ultimately answered my why – why I was choosing to pursue office and student involvement positions, why I wanted to put time into one thing and not the other.”

Street’s sound advice helped shape and grow Keck into the woman she is today.

“I had example of what a selfless leader and caring friend was. She taught me to embrace who it was the Lord had called me to be and to be that person through and through because that it exactly what she exemplified in her own life.”

Aside from being the current SGA president, Keck has been involved with student life on campus throughout her time on the Plains. She has also served as an SGA senator for the College of Liberal Arts, SGA Senate president, pro tem of the SGA Senate, Academic Affairs Committee chair, War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen and social sorority campus relations chair.