Table of Contents

A. General Employment Policies (Back to top)

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodations Policy
  2. American Express Travel Card Policy
  3. Affirmative Action Policy on the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
  4. Affirmative Action Policy on the Employment of Veterans
  5. Auburn University Faculty Staff Athletics Ticket Policy
  6. Auburn University Nepotism Policy
  7. Campus Alcohol Policy
  8. Child Protection and Reporting of Child Abuse Policy
  9. Contract Signature Authority Policy
  10. Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy
  11. Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Policy
  12. Drug Free Campus and Work Place Policy
  13. Employee Email Policy
  14. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  15. Integrated Communications and Marketing Policy
  16. Intimate Relations Policy
  17. Policies on Faculty and Staff Communication with State and Elected Federal Public Officials
  18. Policy on Children in the Workplace
  19. Policy on Equal Access to Emerging Technology
  20. Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and/or Housed in University Facilities
  21. Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA)
  22. Policy on Web Accessibility Standards
  23. Policy on Policies
  24. Policy Regarding Prohibited Harassment of Employees
  25. Policy Regarding the Prohibited Harassment of Students
  26. Scientific Misconduct Policy
  27. Spending Policies and Procedures
  28. Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence
  29. Travel Policies
  30. Vehicle Policy

B. Faculty Employment Policies (Back to top)

  1. AAUP Statement of Policy Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure
  2. Academic Contingency Policies
  3. Academic Honesty Code
  4. Auburn University Classroom Scheduling Policy
  5. Appeal of Promotions and Decisions Policy
  6. Consulting Policy
  7. Directed Studies Definition and Policy
  8. Distinguished University Professor Policy
  9. Emeritus Status Policy and Procedures
  10. Faculty Retirement Promotion Policy and Procedures
  11. Faculty Email Policy
  12. Faculty Dismissal Policy
  13. Faculty Policy on Assigning Grades of Incomplete
  14. Faculty Policy on Grade Changes
  15. Grade Submission Policy
  16. Policy for Academic Signature Authority
  17. Policy on Administrator Return to Faculty Position
  18. Policy on Class Attendance
  19. Policy on Classroom Behavior
  20. Policy on Quality Instruction
  21. Post Tenure Review Policy
  22. Policy on Kinds of Faculty Appointment
  23. Policy on Academic Ranks and Promotion
  24. Policy on Continuation of Faculty Appointment
  25. Policy on Initial Faculty Appointment
  26. Policy on Faculty Promotion Criteria and Considerations
  27. Policy on Tenure Criteria and Considerations
  28. Policy on Eligibility for Promotion and Tenure
  29. Policy on Termination because of Financial Exigency
  30. Policy on Termination without Financial Exigency
  31. Policy on Noncontinuation of Appointment
  32. Policy on Faculty Responsibility
  33. Policy and Procedure for Promotion and Tenure
  34. Policy on Retired Faculty
  35. Professional Improvement Leave Policy
  36. Scholarship Incentive Program Policy
  37. Student Academic Grievance Policy
  38. Substantive Change Notification Policy

C. Staff & Administrative Professional Employment Policies (Back to top)

  1. Employee Position Polices
  2. Salary Administration Policies
  3. Performance Development Policies
  4. Leave Policies
  5. Records Policies
  6. Employee Relations Policies
  7. Employee Benefits Policies

D. Student Employment Policies (Back to top)

  1. Graduate Student Employee Background Check Policy
  2. Tuition Fellowship Program Policy

The links posted here direct users to official University Policy Documents. University Policies housed on other Auburn University websites, handbooks, manuals, guides and publications do not carry the full force of the University.

*NOTE: University Policy documents are not contracts. The Auburn University Board of Trustees and authorized Executive Officers of the University maintain exclusive discretion to exercise the customary functions of institutional management to revise University Policies as they deem appropriate

Questions regarding specific University Policies should be directed to the office responsible for administering that policy.

Policy administrators should contact the University Policy Coordinator regarding Auburn University's Policy on Policies​ and the policy adoption, revision, and withdrawal processes.

University Policy Coordinator
(334) 844.5176


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