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Twice a year, our department creates PSAs for the Alabama Development Office.  We do two commercials each for the “Click It or Ticket” and “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaigns.  This July, we did a two-fer.  We seem to always be short on time in the summer – so our producer John DiJulio was looking for a way to create two spots that worked together but could minimize our shoot time.  He came up with a variation on the devil/angel theme where an average guy has to make a decision at the end of a night of drinking at the bar.  Would he make his “last call” to a cab, or end up making a call down at the police station if he’s picked up for drunk driving?  So the commercial was shot with these two alternative endings and kapow – we have two spots!

Hopefully the audience will see both versions over the Fall campaign and realize that sometimes, our guy Billy makes the right call and ends up safely at home, and sometimes he makes the bad call and gets taken to jail.

When it came down to shooting, everything went pretty smoothly.  We shot the bar scenes at a local bar during the day (just needed to use photographic paper and fabric to properly block out the sun) and then two nights shoots for our successful cab ride and not-so-successful police pickup.

By the way, we’re loving the use of small adjustable LED lights for the interior of a car.

Then it was back to the studio and our green screen to finish up the shots for our devil/angel characters.  The actor had to play the role for his smart decision-maker-self and the not-so-good one.  Then it was off to post-production to edit that all together.

We’ll see what fun and goofy spot the directors come up with for the next campaign.  In the meantime – back to work.


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