Shiniest isn’t always best

When we upgraded one of our WordPress installed, suddenly our animations went haywire. We often rely on a JavaScript framework called jQuery, and the new WordPress version included jQuery 1.9.

Turns out jQuery 1.9 is so different from other versions of jQuery that it has its own upgrade guide, and our site was using something much older which worked just fine for it, but didn’t like the new code at all.

This upgrade was necessary for security reasons, but it’s a great reminder that upgrading just for the sake of upgrading isn’t always the best plan.

I am having a blast building the new site though – CSS3 can do so many cool things I used to need images or Flash for. This could potentially turn out to be one of those cases where it’s not good to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, but we thought long and hard about the audience for the new site, and we decided, given our parameters, that it was better to sacrifice the older browser experience for the mobile experience.

That may sound scary, but every choice costs you something. There’s no such thing as the perfect choice, in which nothing is sacrificed. Even choosing to stay the same has a cost.

You just have to decide what’s important to you, and be brave enough to act on it, and acknowledge that you’ll handle consequences as they come.

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